March 18th Patch Hopes & Wishes

I’d like to see some QoL changes like markers not disapering after you put an item into your safe.

Great, so we can expect more collateral damage for nonsensical reasons like: “we nerfed it because it benefited from a bug that doesn’t exist anymore”. I want them to remove the mayham scaling from stuff like FitSD but not if that means that they’re also going to nuke everything around it…

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Great! I am looking forward to see it on 18th of March smile6

It’s been pushed back to April 8th or 9th, due to terrible circumstances.

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  • Fix SNTL cryo, 200 ASA and other awkward anointments - Yes, Yes, Yes

I am not play about 4 month and my favorite zane, which build on SNTL anointment not work.


How about fixing the HUD. That would be nice. /s


No /S needed, It would be AMAZING if they actually fixed the HUD that has been broken since launch, said they were aware of the issue and then just fell silent about it.

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Well I’m aware of their next DLC but think my wallet is going to fall silent to its pleas of me to purchase it.

As I’ve said, they know what is going to be in this patch but their silence speaks volumes with the community, short of nerfs and buffs and possible tweaks to their last DLC not expecting anything else, certainly anything that they have been “looking in to” and “are aware of” since the game released.


Agree with all of these suggestions, but more than anything I wanna see guaranteed dedicated drops. Fighting through a takedown to only see M6 and world drops is so frustrating. As is farming bosses and only getting the dedicated loot occasionally. No one is looking for just any version of a dedicated drop, and the game feels so tedious when 99% of the time is spent discarding garbage rolls or reloading maps. It’s even worse for Arms Race; I’m automatically reloading whenever the circle spawns anywhere that doesn’t give me a shot at a Tizzy, Plasma Coil, or Kensei because everything else is garbage, and that still requires hoofing it all the way across map with crap loot to get there before the dumb murdercane closes off the area. (And ofc save quitting boots me back to Covenant Pass for no reason.) Please Gearbox, reward us for playing the game! Guaranteed dedicated drops would do so much for quality of life while sacrificing literally nothing.

I’d also love to see more maps or more bosses throughout existing maps. Trash mobs outside of takedowns are nothing more than an annoyance, so I end up ignoring 99% of these amazing maps just to seek out a single enemy worth fighting. Is there any downside to having Traunt or Killavolt randomly pop up in more locations? Why not put them in the arenas like we had in the Underdome?

PS, please add more sound bites for enemies; they’re hilarious and probably way less expensive to introduce than gameplay changes.

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  1. Fix the things that are broken.
  2. Don’t fix things that are not broken.

felt like maybe I should revisit the idea of my “hopes and wishes” for the upcoming patch since Gearbox announced the anointment reroll machine. I don’t have any new hopes per se, but the fact that anointment rerolling was confirmed gives me 1000x more hope that the patch might appeal to me, being the type of player I am.

Actually I do have one new hope. With anointment rerolling coming to the game I would like Gearbox to reevaluate the amount of world drop legendaries that come into the game. If players can reasonably be expected to choose their anointments the current rate of world drop legendaries will just be pointless. As much as I disliked it before, I understood why legendaries were so common. But after the reroll machine drops, it will just magnify the stupidity of it. So hopefully they take a look at that


I do think that the current amount of world drops is too much if there are rerolls.


Yeah, I have been thinking about this as well. A couple ideas I had were to reduce world drop rates and maybe even revert the 100% anointment rate on M8+. This would be assuming you could add an anointment with the machine.

I also truly hope you can add an anoint to any weapon such as the Amazing Grace and Seventh Sense etc.


Back before level cap increase from 57 I was gifted an anointed butt plug. This can’t come anointed in game but the item obviously had the anointment functionality enabled so I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t add an anointment to an unanointed gun.

How was that? :crazy_face:

I know that items that can’t naturally roll with anoints can be anointed via cheat engine. However I am curious about the parameters the reroll machine will have to follow. Can we roll Cartel anoints on Broken Heart items?


Surprisingly powerful, especially from behind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


global rescale pog


At this point I am still not expecting much, I would like to be wrong of course. My opinion is if it was going to be a great patch that addresses many concerns the community has had for the game they would of released patch notes by now, kind of like CDPR did with Cyberpunk a couple weeks ago. Last thing they want to do is put it out there that the patch isn’t much and possibly lose anymore money for their most likely last paid content release because the chatter for Arms Race certainly died down fast.