Marcomix, how did u change weapon position?

I really like your mod that changes the animation so the weapon is lower like how it was in hells highway demo! How did u do that in the editor? What values and things do u have to alternate? I want to something similar but bring the weapons forward just a tad more so more of the arms are seen, like how you did with the pistols thanks!!!

Well, I did it as well!
I managed to change the weapon position for the 16:9 ratio resolutions. Now, you can see the model of the gun ai it was intended to be.

Here it is!

If you want to make your own version, well…just edit the model position on the “animation” section of Unrealed (I do not have BiA installed on my pc right now)

Yeah I already download it yours. But I can’t figure out what to change so that I can tweak it myself

Once I open up the editor what do I do (thanks brother

I repeat: i uninstalled BiA some time ago…so, i don’t remember exactly how to do it.
As long as I remember, There should be an animation editor…on the same window of the texture viewer.
In that editor, open the weapon package…
then, select the weapon model you want to modify (note that there are two models for each weapon: the “hip” model and the “ADS” one)
Once you’ve selected the model you want to edit, it should appear on the 3d view window. On the left, there should be some parameters you can edit to scale, move and rotate the model.

Thanks!! Wow so you uninstalled it? You don’t play BIA anymore !!! How is that possible

Well, dunno how, but my installation of RTH30 has been corrupted (when I clicked on the .exe, a message appeared, saying that the game was not compatible with my windows version…such a nonsense!) So, I uninstalled it…That’s sad, actually.
I will reinstall it once I finish some other games I’ve already installed on my pc (such as my 5th run on Mass effect trilogy and my new-bought GTAV)