Marcomix map modifications: Exit 4 and Ripe Pickings

I’m about to post the modified versions of two of the SP maps:

Exit 4: Just added more soldiers on the left wich protect the exit 4. They are indipendent AI…they’re not part of your squad…Presumibly, they are from another Platoon or members of the First Squad.

Ripe Pickings: Added a captured MG42 that defends the southern part of the farm. Two operators with it.
Added few more details inside the farm, like three more soldiers (one that observes the corpses and two that chats)
Added some captured German weapons lying near the corpses (couple of Kar98K and a MP40).
Added a Colt M1911A1 on the table.
Comb is now a squad leader. He has two soldiers under his command (the rest of his platoon, maybe?). one of them uses an M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
The Browning M1919 added previously by @Jmoney are now a little bit closer to the farm. the one on the right flank is now near the crater.

That’s it! I’ll post the package ASAP

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Sounds good! Look forward to trying it out!

I personally always played those maps also with the combat mutator. Have you tried that? It doesn’t increase German solder count, but it adds a few extra US troops to the battle. It even gives Lt Combs a few guys. It’ll be interesting trying that along with your version.

@MarcomiX, I have a one small request.

Ripe Pickings: could You maybe create a possibility to allow the player and US soldiers to kill from the distance the German operator of MG42 on the upper floor of the farmhouse. It is possible according to this article: (see the Step 5 paragraph).

In the default map, it is almost impossible to kill the MG42 operator from a long distance frontal shot using i.e. M1 Garand, even when aiming at his head (!). In my opinion he should be killed, when shoot directly (frontally) from long range bolt-action rifles (i.e. captured K98 Mauser), semi-automatic rifles (M1 Garand) and Light Machineguns (i.e. Bar 1918). Maybe You could set the “NoShotProtectionDist” value above the effective range of fire of the submachine guns like MP40 and Thompson? This would be more realistic in my opinion - this way You will still need to flank him when carrying sub-machine guns, but You will have the possibility to kill him from relatively safe position and distance when using “long range weapons”. Of course, I am referring to the default “MinimumWeaponRange” value from CustomWeapons.ini, when the weapons in RtH30 have their default fire ranges.

If You didn’t want to implement this or You already uploaded Your map pack, maybe I will try to do that with my own SDK for RtH30. Please let me know. Thank You in advance for response.

EDIT: Nevermind, I already did this myself in few SP maps of RtH30 using UnrealED. Sorry for bothering You MarcomiX. Good luck with the map pack development!

What a coincidence, im actually modifying Ambush at Exit 4 map as well, i could make use of this maps when they’re released… thanks Marc :smiley: