Marcomix's HD uniforms. (MHDU) -CANCELLED-

Hello there! In a few days, I’ll have BiA HH even for PC (I “just” have the limited edition for Xbox 360 [well…I have the standard day-one edition and the limited edition…but the limited one is like the holy graal for me, if you know what i mean…:wink: ] )
When I’ll put my hands on the pc version, I’m planning to “import” the textures of the US uniforms from HH into Rth30 and EiB…
Let me know if you are interested!

(before you ask…NO, I’m not able to import models…)

It won’t be historically correct though (they used M43 uniforms in Holland, as opposed to M42’s in Normandy), but what the heck

In some of the scenes of HH, you can see the flashbacks from normandy…I hope to get those textures :wink:

New HD uniforms should be fun.

I’m gonna go cry now.

Project cancelled due to OS incompatibility. I use win7, while the game is compatible only with winxp and vista sp1
(The game doesn’t even install on my pc…-.-’’)
Feel free to close the thread. Sorry about that :frowning:

Wow seriously! Windows 7 users can’t play hells highway? That can’t be right

I have HH installed on Windows 7. I can’t play it because my computer is lame though. Would me getting you the texture files somehow help or do you need more than that?

I played hells highway once. Rented it… Never bought it. I was too disappointed at German AI. They don’t even throw grenades!

The setup application is kinda broken: it installs the game and suddenly uninstalls it…without any error messages.
@queendracwraith well…I was also planning to re-play the game…but if you can extract the us uniforms and helmets and send them to me, it would be great!
I was planning to make a simple reskinning mod for the us helmets in Hell’s Highway too(remove the “R” and put the 502’s white heart instead)

P.S.: remember that I need the textures of the M42 uniforms ( you can see them during some in-game cinematics )

I don’t know what I’ll be able to do, but I’ll give it a shot next week (I have other things going on).

Strange that you are having problems with Brothers in Arms. I have played all three Brothers in arms games on windows 8.1, both retail and steam versions, no issues, did not even have to do any compatibility tweaking.

…No prob at all for Rth30 and EiB (Retail versions) on Win7 (exept for the SDK, of course)…
HH simply won’t install on win7…it automatically deletes the game after finishing to install it.
To play the game, I borrowed a PC with windows VISTA (Yes…Vista…-.-’’) from a friend, installed the game on that pc, then pasted the installation directory into my pc…what a mess…-.-’’

Oh, so you’re able to look through the files to find what you need? I looked through them and well… the file organization is confusing.