Marcomix's Real weapons (MRW)

Hello there!
I am the author of the Marcomix’s real weapons: Brothers in Arms edition, a “simple” reskin mod for the BiA:Rth30 weapons.
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Alas, I need to know a way to keep working on this mod.
I am a Win7 user right now and, as you well know, the SDK won’t work on this OS.
Time ago, back when there was the old forum, I read that using a certain virtual machine creator, I would still be able to edit at least the texture files.
So, was it “vmware”?

Yes, it’s Vmware player. It’s free and you can install Windows XP on it and run the SDK on that. The mouse is weird on the map editor (for me at least), but you should be able to edit and recompile packages and scripts easily enough, including textures.

Here’s the link to the old forum thread:

Thanks Rendroc!
I’ll post the v.2.0 of my mod ASAP!

I’m stuck with a problem that happened me before:
Exported .dds texture
trying to convert them
Error appears “unable to convert file (…)” with ddstojpg
Back then, I found a solution, but I do not remember how.
Any Ideas?

I don’t remember either. I used a program called Gimp, so I don’t think I had the same problem.

Ok, I found a different solution:
I downloaded some Nvidia softwares for .dds files. One of them managed to convert the .dds to a .tga file.

The M1 Garand is ready!
As suggested by jmoney, the npc model of the weapon has the same resolution as the first person model…
Were talkin’ about 1024x1024!
(originally, the res of the npc weapon textures are 128x128…quite an upscaling, uh?)

I’ve almost completed the US weaponry…
I’m about to improve the M1911…
What should I do?
Should I make the “cursed Colt” of Matt’s Father or just stick with the classic M1911A1?

I know there’s a texture file of the Colt of Baker’s father, But it seems that is not used in game (just like the regular infantry M1 Carbine)
So, I am asking YOU!
What do you wish to use in my mod? Regular Colt 1911A1 or the famous Nickel plated M1911?

The mod is “finished”…is currently awaiting the autorization of moddb to be published, though…
Here’s the description:
The second version of the mod is here! Here’s the main feature of this version:
-Textures enhanced with some HD image of the real steel version of each gun
-German weapons retexturized
-Each texture tested, edited and modified by me where it’s needed
-The only non retexturized weapons are: Bazooka M1, Panzerfaust and Walther P38
-First person texture of the M1911 Colt is the standard issue M1911A1 Colt; The NPC texture of the texture is the nickel-plated M1911 of Baker’s father.
-The MP40 lower reciever is the Bakelite version.
That’s it! Have fun!

And…here’s the link!

Omg thank you! Ok let me ask you this… Let’s say that I want The first person colors to be similar to the originals… Is that how it is with your mod? are the new npc weapons similar to the color of the old weapons but just higher res? And how are you able to edit the textures like that? You must have photoshop

Can’t wait to try this out!

Any chance you could make the standard 1911 in high res for npc?

So do your textures work for earned in blood and rth30?

I look forward to releasing the maps by the end of the week. Between you, me, rendroc, and a few others, we may end up creating BIA 4 ourselves! The creativity doesn’t have to stop.

hopefully there will be a rib version of this skin mod with fg 42 m3 grease gun

Oh, I am not good as you or Rendroc… I just edit some textures XD
The color are slightly changed from the original BIA ones, because I’ve used photos of the real-steel counterparts and adapt them to fit the 3D models (I did this for a maximum realism).
Yes, I am using Photoshop CS6…waaay better software than the crappy “photostudio 6”.
About the EiB version, well…Stay tuned! Today I’ll finish the FG42 and I’ll upload the mod right away!

Oh, about the M1911…the Rth30 version has the nickel-plated M1911 for the npcs
The EiB version will have the regular M1911A1 both for the first person model and the npcs!

Here are the M3A1 and the FG42!

Wow they look really great!! Would it be possible for you to give the npc in rth30 the original m1911? I say this because with warzone mods…npc m1911 comes often because bazooka teams carry them. So the shiny one isn’t as realistic. But great work. This is what the mod needed!!

ook, no prob…I’ll make a “warzone” version with the classic M1911A1 as the npc model!

Meanwhile, I decided to change the texture lens of the scoped FG42

Great work. I tried them and it looks great keep it up. I think I will try my hand at texture also… Maybe even clothes. I will purchase Photoshop cs6 and can you send a link to the file converter so I can extraxt dds files and turn them into tga or whatever I need to edit them like you have? Thanks! I will start retexturing the game also! Ha I’ve been needing to get Photoshop cs6 for my business anyways. Now this creates even more incentive.