Marcus customs! A new shop idea!

I’ve had some ideas involving the gun parts we’re now able to see.
A fourth shop should be introduced, known as Marcus Customs! For either a hefty cash price, or an eridium price, you can mix and match any gun part together, to create a hodgepodge weapon of destruction! You can unlock gun parts by picking up weapons, and effects by picking up special weapons, much like the car part system.
As for brand names?
Either Marcus gets his own brand, or it will say vault hunter. You can mess with custom stats, but the higher you go, the higher you pay. Because you dont want people getting a minigun that fires flaming ribcages at 12 speed with infinite ammo, for 12 bucks, do you?
Idk, I think they should chew on that idea for a bit

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I wish they would add some way for us to create our own guns. I would have so much fun with builds that made no sense but a joy to use.

i like the idea, because it would be cool to have a gun that normally wouldn’t have an element on it, to have an element. problem is this would really off balance somethings. like scaling of elemental damage, you would see nerfs come down the pipe line like crazy. and elemental as is, is already kinda garbage.

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Maybe lock its use behind a level cap?
Maybe level thirty?

I’d just like to maybe swap gun parts but keep the lore. Nothing over powered or that couldn’t be a drop already. More like min maxing your guns. I’d also love an annointed reroll system as well! As long as the gun has an annointment it can be rerolled to get a new one. Maybe Marcus and crazy earl team up for a business opportunity? Annointed reroll cost eridium and gun parts cost cash? That’s my thoughts.

The point was absurdity, since that’s what borderlands is all about, but you do you man