Marcus has changed position

I just completed the main storyline and ever since arriving at Sanctuary Marcus has always stood immediately in front of the Guns machine. This often makes it difficult to use the machine. In previous character missions he has always been behind the counter standing underneath the Marcus Munitions sign. Is this a glitch in my game are is this normal?

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I think he generally stands next to the gun vending machine but I’ve never had a problem interacting with the machine. His movements don’t seem to be 100% uniform. E.g. when you go to fight Troy you have the option of saying goodbye to numerous characters. For most of my playthroughs Marcus was already in front of the vending machines when he’d hand you ammo. Lately, he’s been in the office area behind the machine where you buy upgrades and it’s actually been really hard to interact with him b/c your character can’t reach him to talk (unless you position perfectly you try to interact with the upgrade machine instead).

He’ll be in the Office if you started your VH at lvl 13 in Sanctuary. Can’t remember when/if he pops back out.

(I prefer him in his office tho. He’s kinda handsy)

He gets out after The Family Jewel quest, when you have to give him the hard drive. He’s out there for me since.

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In Normal Mode he was in his office from after the fire, but in TVHM he have been standing by the Gun Machine since the fire, I’m long done with the Main Story and he is still standing on the same spot.