Marcus Munitions Vend-O-Bot Mk VII!

Lilith contacts us to say we need to speak to Marcus in his shop on the Sanctuary III. It seems before all this trouble with the Calypso Twins Marcus had an order for some parts and (not surprisingly) it has never arrived. But if we would be willing to go secure them Marcus would be willing to let us in on the ground floor of his latest business venture, the Marcus Munitions Vend-O-Bot Mk VII! So go to Promethea, pick up the items for Marcus and return. Except, it doesn’t work out to be that simple…

So, what is the Vend-O-Bot Mk VII?
It is a summonable robotic companion where Vault Hunters can sell their unwanted items while in the field without having to travel, albeit for a modest fee (Marcus has overhead you know!) Items can be sold in the field, but Marcus pays 1/3 less than normal due to transactions fees, upkeep on the bot, digistruction taxes and so on.

Why use it?
When you are farming gear you get a LOT of loot, things you have absolutely no use for but just rot for lack of inventory, and more importantly the time and ability to travel to sell them. The Marcus Munitions Vend-O-Bot Mk VII fixes all that, for a nominal transaction fee. (Or, you can just chalk it up to an in game money sink.)

When will it be available?
After the main campaign, probably, IF we convince Gearbox that players would really, really like yet another annoying in game robot.

So, it’s up to the community. I’ve just fleshed out an idea I had while trying to fall asleep. Maybe if enough people put their voice behind it, we might see an interesting quality of life change added to the game.

Regardless, enjoy the dream!

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Picking up useless items to sell becomes pointless after the story. Farming bosses for legendaries nets you tons of cash without having to sell anything so I don’t usually pick up anything that I’m not intending to hoard or use.

You know what, you’re right. I’ve not even completed my second playthough and I’ve already completely upgraded my SDU. The currency is irrelevant. However, I hate just seeing all that loot just rot and die. I still want to sell it even if I can’t do a darn thing with the money.

I WISH I could trade it to my new characters, so they can buy thier SDU upgrades so I can better enjoy their playthroughs.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve been wanting something to be added to the game since I got FL4K to level 35 or so but kept forgetting to create a post about it.

I’ve since finished the campaign with FL4K and now playing it at Mayhem 2 and started Amara. I realized we “share” the vault, not sure who’s idea that was with a quadrillion weapons in the game!!!

I wanted the ability to sell gear from the vault, but I have to admit your idea is so good I can’t put it in words how I feel about it. That’s a tremendous idea that Gearbox should implement immediately and then give you some kind of in-game credit for. This thread needs to get more run.

Can we make this happen Gearbox???

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Regardless how “useless” the cash is “endgame” I still keep selling my stuff, still keep hoarding it, and I still keep finding players who do not have maxed out SDUs to trade it to so they can enjoy the game better. So I’m still looting all that loot and selling it, I still don’t think this is a useless or bad idea even if others have been less than receptive.

Thanks for a positive minded post!

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With 4 playable characters, tvhm and mayhem levels, I’m shocked sdu can’t hold AT LEAST 100 items. I mean, we’re vault hunters, but our personal ‘vaults’ are more like a cubby.


I can’t believe the game left the dev test phase knowing there was only 50 vault spaces for a potential 4 characters. That’s insane! At a minimum there should have been 50 for EACH playable character, at a bare minimum.


I’m to the point now where I’m forced to leave good gear on the ground because I can’t manage it with my backpack and vault full. Gearbox should be embarrassed with all the advertising of a quadrillion weapons available and then turn around and have nowhere to store any of them.

The answer isn’t to have players figure out strange ways to do it either, mules is something nobody should have to use for this.

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The most glaring thing about this is the fact that the very nature of the Borderland’s universe, characters and story is over the top and larger than life. During a single play through of dozens of hours a person comes into contact with thousands if not tens of thousands of gear and then are given a vault that between 4 characters can only hold 50 items. I guess that in itself is over the top and absurd. lol