Marcus' Munitions Workshop (A fallout idea copy)

Hey vault hunters

just had (or i guess stole?) an idea from fallout 4.

TL;Dr add a way to change the parts of a weapon for a type of currency, like adding attachments and changing weapons parts at a weapons bench in fallout 4.

As per the TL;Dr, instead of sinking ungodly amounts of time farming a boss/mob for a perfect role, what if instead Marcus offered a service where we could spend [insert currency here] to change parts of our weapons.

Apparently each weapon now has 10-15 different part slots on it, so I will use BL2 as an example.

I get a volcano from the warrior, but it has a Jakobs scope, a Dahl stock, and a Maliwan grip, and the attachment that gives +20% crit damage and + accuracy, and more recoil.

I could spend [insert currency here] to change the scope to a maliwan scope, a maliwan stock, and +10% weapon damage and increased recoil attachment.

I came up with this idea/clone as an alternative to having to dupe perfect weapons. So instead of having to sink an ungodly amount of time into farming [insert enemy name here] for the perfect roll of a weapon, you could spend much less time simply getting 1 of the weapon, and then spend a set amount of time [whatever the best rate is for acquiring new currency] to change the gun to have the parts/attachments you want. Still just as much time investment, but instead of monotonously beating your head against a wall waiting for RNG to grant you mercy, you can spend your time elsewhere, passively acquiring [insert currency name here] as you go,