Marcus needs YOUR help...

So, Marcus is calling inventory, but he needs to know what the hungry Vault Hunters are all about these days…

AKA: A weak in-lore reasoning to ask if you kind folk will take my silly Borderlands guns/enemies quiz click below to take part.

I’ll let this run for a while then probably come back with results if I remember or if it’s even worthwhile (i.e I get more than a handful of answers…)


Okay ladies and gents, I’ve actually had quite a good response, answers have just started slowing down though so I’ll be getting some details to feedback to present to you good folk.

Thanks to all that have added their answers, and if there are any yet to add theirs, i’m leaving it open for another day or so, you’re more than welcome to squeeze in before it closes.

Right then, outside of if anyone here wants to see anything specific in relation to weapon manufacturer/enemy types, I present the following charts…

Although somewhat hidden in this stack graph, what it does break down to is that MAliwan is preferred in almost all cases, only Rakk showing any real deviation.

I have a LOT of data which can be pushed pulled and ‘shown’ in a good number of different ways, but I decided to create a ‘full’ average of all the info I have.

I have added together the individual selections of which is the overall favourite manufacturer and the aggregate of the numbers from each separate enemy, from this I then deducted the numbers of the combined worst overall. Then I zeroed the values to reach a common denominator and blammo! - What was left is the entire dataset, averaged and ready to display:

I had hoped to edit all of the details into bite-size info snippets of which mfg and enemy are well matched or poorly matched (by popular opinion) but that’s a hecka lot more work, and I don’t get paid for this nonsense! so unless I find a huge excess of spare time, I doubt I’ll ever get to that stage.

If anyone here wants any ‘deeper’ details give me a shout out and I’ll see if I can rustle it together.


Dahl is 2.7%? ? I’m sorry what? Where did the raw data come from for this? I guess this post is kinda old, I was just going thru forums half asleep. Torgue is 2nd? Based on what? The anarchy? Idk this chart just looks crazy to me

It’s an opinion poll survey that was run a while back. Emphasis on “opinion”!