Marcus Nina Ted & the Manufacturers


Do Nina / Marcus / Ted essentially WORK for the manufacturers?

Why wouldn’t the manufacturers want their own machines and gear?

Why do they need middlemen?

Alternately, if Nina / Marcus / Ted are getting their items via smuggling / robbery / murder / looting, why don’t the corps stop them?
They certainly wouldnt be advertising in Concordia if they knew there were black market vending machines in town robbing them of their profit.

Hyperion certainly doesn’t like to share and would definitely have the resources to make black marketeers lives VERY uncomfortable!

I guess Torque had hisown vendors in CoC.

“Look, let’s just get this out of the way. Yes, most of my merchandise was ripped from the hands of dead adventurers.”

No idea where Nina gets her stuff.

IDK where the doctors get their stuff. Maybe they make it themselves, and pay for the supplies with the money they make.

Well Marcus gets most of his items off of dead vault hunters, so I don’t think he gets quantity shipment discounts from the dealer. :smiling_imp:

Ted seems like about anything but on the up-and-up, so no company man there either. I assume if we ever went to prison in a future BL series game … we might find Ted in prison. :laughing:

Nina … maybe she could be doing stuff through the proper channels.

Edit: Ooops, I meant Dr. Zed … I just went with Ted from the OP.

nina is hiding from some company tho @rcole_sooner sooo proper channels are out.

I assumed she was on the run from her family’s company, Vladof.

She wanted to stop killing and start healing!

Why you hurt me in this way.

well the echo in subconscious stats she is Ivan Vladofs missing sister
jack’s office echo has her working on Timmy
Stanton’ Liver echoes has her working for Dahl
and the mission in Concordia states she is hiding from something/one
didn’t you make a topic about her at somepoint @FlamesForAll ?


Making another now!

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When in doubt, make another thread.

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I wouldnt make so many if i didnt know that you guys would leave awesome replies!

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i second @Greasy_Broccoli

Sorry I meant “Zed”, I just went with “Ted” from the OP without thinking.

However, that could be a thing for the Ted character … learned his doctoring in prison. :smiley:

I always mix up Ted, Ned, and Zed LOL.