Marine Frigates vs HW1

Why can any HW1 ship detach a marine frigate by fake jumping, even when a HSI or GWG prevents them from actually entering hyperspace?

If the capital ship can’t jump due to some kind of inhibitor it shouldn’t be able to detach a marine frigate by entering a jump command. If it can actually jump somewhere it is fine, but not when it stays in place and firing.

Sounds like a bug. Report it in Hideki’s thread.

This long time known HW2 bug has been reported.

Ya this bug basically makes marine/infiltrator frigates useless against someone who just keeps attempting to hyperspace in a gravity well. The capture timer just keeps getting reset…

This has been present since classic HW2 but as you have to intentionally repreat to abuse, I’ve put it on normal priority in the list.

Thanks. I ran into a guy abusing it - I did not know the bug existed as I did not play HW2C MP.

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If they are issuing a jump command they lose the RUs for the jump even if they can’t jump in a well. There is a trade off so I’m not sure I’d call it fake jumping. You can’t issue a jump command if you don’t have the RUs in stock, if you do issue the command you lose the RUs.

AFAIK you only lose the RUs if you actually move, if you are in a well it does not cost any.

Jumping inside the inhibitor does NOT cost any RU.

Even if this was changed, it would still be abused on destroyers and carriers, spending a few hundred RU every once in a while to keep your destroyer/carrier active is well worth it.

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