Marine / Infiltrator / Cloak Generator Issue

Marine frigates and infiltrator frigates are capturing ships twice as fast as they are supposed to. They capture twice as fast as they did in hw2, and twice as fast as defined in the .ship files. The .ship files also haven’t changed between hw2 and HWR.

Cloak Generator Modules also deplete and recharge twice as fast as they did in hw2.

I’m guessing a timer somewhere in the game engine is likely counting twice as fast as it should. Build and research times are un-affected. @scole, its possible that other things are affected by this timer bug, leading to many un-intended behaviors.

Comparison Tests
(I’ve got 4 videos if anyone wants to watch 40 minutes of intense marine action, lol)
Frigate Full / Half Health
->HWR: 0:15 / 0:04 (you only have 2 seconds to scuttle!)
->HW2: 0:30 / 0:08
Destroyer Full / Half Health
->HWR: 0:45 / 0:11 (you only have 5 seconds to scuttle!)
->HW2: 1:30 / 0:22
Carrier Full / Half Health
->HWR: 1:20 / 0:20
->HW2: 2:40 / 0:40
Cloak Generator Module Deplete
->HWR: 1:05
->HW2: 2:10
Cloak Generator Module Recharge
->HWR: 3:20
->HW2: 6:40

Once a ship is half way captured, you can no longer scuttle it. So due to this bug, you only have 2 seconds to scuttle a frigate at half health once a marine has latched on! A good strategy in hw2 was to send a carrier and marines with a cloak generator to surprise your opponent. Once the marines would latch, on they would un-cloak. This strategy is now very hard to stop, as you only have a few seconds to scuttle frigates and damaged destroyers before they are captured by your opponent.


So, the 4x speed cap at 1/2 health and below is just as tuning.lua file states, but all base times are reduced by 50%.

I wonder if this affects other aspects of the game too, like slow responsiveness to commands and weird hyperspace indications.

This is one of those tuning that HW2 had it just right. This needs fixed. Thanks for the lab. Linked from tracker.

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@Cloaked Yessir, we’ve been hammering on it for the past week once we figured out what was going on. It’s a web that affects instanthit weapons, depletes/regens, healing and others.


Cool. I guess we shoulda posted about this issue back in Febuary when we first noticed it. -_-

This smells like a timing issue related to 60 FPS gaming being a thing now as opposed to the old 30 FPS standard.

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No wonder I thought that auto-healing has been buffed in HWR… Stuff is starting to make sense now.

Somewhat related, but are EMPs supposed to stop marine/infiltrator frigates from capturing and require it to relatch to start capping again?
I’m talking just a single EMP or few EMPs; of course it should if you hit it with 9 that would disable the ship.