Mario Kart 8 Stuff

200cc… Seems a little extreme, but I’m still tempted to play it. Hope the new maps are good.

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I’m excited to the play F-Zero Kart :^)

Im still thinking about geting a Wii U and MC8 is one of the selling points.
Is there a lot of race options/rules?

Not really any rules, but there are 4 different Grand Prix. 50cc, 100cc,150cc and mirrored mode (mirrored versions of tracks 150cc) and soon to be 200cc for real speed!
There’s a lot of characters and karts, wheels, bodies, gliders etc.
Then there’s the time trials, race staff ghosts on courses with three mushrooms.
Battle mode is there too, but… it’s not good in this game :c

Then the big ol’ Online. It’s great. It’s the best. I love it.

(also the dlc is very cheap for what you get, $15(? cant remember might be cheaper) for 6 new characters, 8 karts/bikes and 16 courses. plus more yoshi and shy guys but… ye)

Im only really play with friends local so that will do, they still got the hella lot of items option?

You’ll never not have an item
But if you’re top three, you’ll never have a good item.

I know… in Mario Cart for Wii you had diffrent options for item spawns (like only recommended power ups for map or a lot more high tier items) and I wonder if it returned.

I know my son is charged up about this, he already texted me about it

Too bad they didn’t add battle arenas to the DLC, because that’s all this game really needs… C’mon Nintendo, bring back Block Fort!


Very much this. I am also hoping the new maps are fun too, because I felt the MK8 got a little stale, though I could never pin down exactly why.

I hope at E3 (I assume they’ll do the special longer direct thing again like last year since it was the only presser that wasn’t utter shite) they’re all “You liked Mario Kart 8 dlc, well here’s more!” and brings back all the n64 battle arenas, skyscraper pls!

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This would be great. Here’s to hoping *raises glass (but not really, buried in textbooks… raises cold, stale coffee from 2 hours ago)

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I hope those textbooks are preparation for the mighty speeds of 200cc!

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Totes, I got yoshisaurus’ cell biology, the physics of go karts, and physiology of the kart racer’s visual system… and therapeutic communication skills. Now just read the italics :frowning:

I want this semester to end!

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Welp… The Mario Kart dlc seems a little lackluster to me at least, we get a slow, boring, no crazy items Baby Park over an actual good course.
We get Neo Bowser City over an actual good course.
The new karts we get are so lame in design too ;-;