Mario Maker Levels

So with MM finally out, people have started creating some amazing levels. Some of them are hard or next to impossible, some are crafted to perfection and some are just whacked out and crazy. One thing for sure, 2d Mario has reached heights it has never seen before. So what have you been doing in MM? Does anyone have any cool levels to share, be it their own or of others? I have to show you this one level which is probably the pinnacle of next to impossible hard.


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Sad thing is that looks very mild when compared to this level…


Thats totally insane.

Here’s my other thread about Super Mario Maker. You can bookmark some of my levels from this link:

If you star my courses I’ll be able to upload more of mine. And I’ll go check out your courses if you star mine (I try to go look at the courses of people who star my courses).

My levels aren’t nearly as hard as those. But I try to make them fun and interesting. I try to bend your mind a little with puzzles too. Rather than extreme physical timing.