Mario Party 10 kind of blows

I was so excited for Mario Party 10, but once I sat down to play it, any excitement drained pretty quick. The mini-games are still very fun, but the biggest issue of the game is the new play design, which was probably done to accommodate the Bowser v. 4 game mode (using the game pad). Basically, in the previous games (up to 7 at least, I never played the DS or Wii versions- too broke), each player rolled the die separately, moved around the board separately, and could buy unique items to help yourself or hurt your opponents. It was strategic. And mini games were guaranteed every 4 turns.

Now, in MP10, everybody rides in the same cart, and the only items you get are special dice that can give you 1-3, 0-1, or 4-6 rolls. Everything is luck based. Minigames happen only when someone lands the cart on a VS space. Mini-stars are randomly awarded (oh yeah, no coins, and no stars, just mini stars) and you can’t adjust game time because the “board” is linear. There are special awards at the end of the game, as usual, but they are super random, just like everything else.

The Bowser mode is kind of fun, because one person uses the game pad and works to take down the 4 players. But it grew old quick, and the pacing is more boring than the regular mode. There is an Amiibo mode too, but I don’t have enough Amiibos to play, so without playing it, I declare it as stupid too.

I paid for the special edition to get the unique Mario Amiibo, and the only redeeming quality from this game is that I can use that Amiibo in Smash Bros. That’s it. Oh yeah, and Badminton, which you can play through the mini games mode. It’s super fun, I’ll give Nintendo that. Anyways, this game is poop. I want them to go back to the older style, the kind that felt like playing a board game and let you be strategic. I miss those Mario Parties. This Party sucks.

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Wait? Mario Party 10? Where are 8 & 9?
Shows how out of touch I am with Nintendo.

All the new Mario Parties blows.

Haha. And two thru seven too… Seems like yesterday I was playing Hexagon Heat a.k.a. The Best Mini-Game Ever.

Mario Party 10 seems like another game mode and not an actual full Mario Party game :h

For me the series stopped being good since 4. I gave 9 a shot, but within 20 minutes I returned that thing to GameStop (thank gosh it was used). 1-4 are really the only ones I play nowadays.