Mark V health bar reset? UVHM

So I was just battling Mark V on UVHM and there were a couple instances where I went up to the vending machines for ammo/health/oz and his health bar reset? That’s never occurred in the previous playthroughs.

Is this a bug, or something that happens only in UVHM?

If you run too far away the game will think you died and reset his health. It’s probably a bug.

Actually, I think it may be deliberate - you (as the player) are effectively saying “I give up!” when you leave to get more ammo or health. I can’t think of too many bosses or raid bosses in either BL2 or TPS that don’t do the same thing.

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What VH101 said.

Stray up that elevator and the fight resets.

Damn you, RK5!

No, it doesn’t.

You can get up there if you want. But if you go to the Vending machines, it resets. I hide up in the elevator when he retreats.

It definitely makes the fight harder, but if you bring in another toon on a second controller, and have them crouch and hide in the farthest back corner of the elevator, they will VERY infrequently perish and RK5’s health will never reset.

Like the Knoxx fight in BL1!

Are there good discussions going on in the BL2 and BL1 sections of these forums?

TPS section is the only one i ever post in / check.

Why don’t you post a topic and see for yourself? If you make threads, the people will come.

I dont know how this wound up in this thread.

I thought i had posted it in the Cult of Ted thread…