Marker positioning issues

My guess is that I overlooked a fix to this, but I am having issues with my markers position. I’m assuming it is an issue with scaling but I haven’t found a fix.

This is the positioning of a particle marker in MAX:

This is the posistioning of the particle effect in Homeworld (aren’t my models fantastic?):

The same issue happens with weapons markers and navlights.

Check your base model’s scale. The chances are all the markers are exactly where they’re supposed to be, but your ship is tiny. use reset xform to fix the mesh.

That or rotations. Do note that HODOR is inherently incapable or taking mesh transforms or Root_LOD transforms into account, as only joints have transforms in a .hod, so you’ll want to make sure all the xform are correctly reset on those.

also reset your pivot points

I have already reset xform on the mesh. I tried resetting xforms of the markers.

To make things simpler I took the example Turanic carrier and then exported it. I put it in the game and the Navlights and weapons were properly aligned.

I then took the Turanic carrier and scaled it down without scaling down the markers. Then, I moved the two antenna navlights and put them where they should be on the mesh, like so:

I put the file into the game and the carrier was scaled down but the navlights were positioned like this:

I tried resetting xforms on the mesh as well as the navlights and the same result occurred. While the offset isn’t as significant as it is on my custom model, it is still there. I am assuming that this problem is caused by the scaling of the mesh, but I don’t know how to fix it.

I was forgetting to reset Xform on the actual Root_LOD. Doing this fixed the issue.

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