Market place ideas

I know everyone wasn’t too thrilled about the micro-transactions in the marketplace, personally i payed for some platinum because i wanted skins for my favourite characters. I noticed that the reason more people won’t be paying for the skins is simply because some of them just aren’t worth it. I know these were tier 2 skins, but some of them hardly changed at all e.g Issic’s skin. So if tier 2 skins cost that much platinum( $10 got me three skins with some platinum left over for a taunt), then what about the tier 3 skins? People would be willing to send more money if the skins were more elaborate,changed the abilities of the characters as well was their weapons. I know that the dlc expansions will include exclusive skins it isn’t confirmed whether they will tier 2 or 3, i just thought it made more sense to sell tier 3 skins and the tier 2 skins be dlc exclusives. I constantly dream of a samurai themed rate skin, where he has two katanas and oversized katana of his back and he has shiny silver-grey ability affects, so instead of a red whirlwind ultimate it’ll be sword silver-grey, with spark affects etc. Tell what you think of this.