Marketing Worries

Is it just me, or are other people concerned that Battleborn isn’t being advertised as aggressively as it probably should in order to be successful? I’ve looked around for opinions on the game from various sources and the consensus seems to be that the game is too low-key. People just don’t know enough about the game to be on their radar.

From the few people that do know about the game, some of them are hesitant on purchasing or pre-ordering the game because they feel that the game will flop due to lack of interest/hype surrounding the game.

I personally am very excited about the release of the game, but am worried about the reception and overall future of the franchise at the moment. I’m questioning whether more can be done by the marketing department for the game in terms of advertisement and general effort to getting the word out.

What can guarantee Battleborn Awareness? TV commercials? Youtube Ads? Something else? Or is the current level of advertisement for the game enough this close to the launch?

Mostly because the Open Beta isn’t rolling yet.
Most of the noise come from Youtube and Twitch nowaday (See Overwatch beta or Rocket League) but since the CTT had a NDA, not much could be done about it.
I know that AngryJoe is interested in it, so he’ll probably wait around the corner for the Open Beta. But beside him, i haven’t heard any others Youtubers mention it (Like the Yogscast, or TotalBiscuit) and i think it’s more important than Youtubers and Twitch…ers(?) know about it than have TV ads, and stuff like that.

So if Gearbox can get Youtubers and Twitch-ers talking about the game and how awesome it is, it can spread the word and hype that Battleborn deserves at a more acceptable pace?

I think the Open Beta should be rolling out soon if it’s really that important for a game’s success. I really do want the game to be successful and would hate it to flop due to lack of exposure.

I think so. But i’m not 100% sure.
A TV ad is probably the best (Also, the most expensive, i guess), but Youtube and Twitch is quite a big thing for a lot of peoples.

When Overwatch was on Beta, it was all around Youtube and Twitch (Way too much, even). They probably had more light on them than they ever had.
Also, Rocket league became popular because of Youtube videos and Twitch streams.

There is even games designed around them (Game who looks fun in a short period of time) like Goat Simulator, or Who’s Your Daddy? (Or Battlefront…)

Personally, i don’t buy game magazines, and the only TV commercials airing are from AAA games (CoD, Fallout) or Mobile games (Candy crush, Clash of Clans)
My only way to hear about a game is Youtube, Twitch, Steam’s homepage, and sometimes a couple of websites (Like Kotaku, or Rock, Paper, Shotgun) Same for my friends.

Twitch and Youtube is just a new way to market a game. Blizzard know that, that’s for sure.

I would not be to worried. With 2k as a publisher , i think it is good hands. Plus it seems to me that publishers our sitting on there games longer to start the hype train. If they start the hype to soon, then people will get burned out on it before they play it, and not care as much.

What about GhostRobo?
He’s super excited about that.
And to the topic, 2K actually did a massive marketing model for Battleborn. You can see how much she believes that BB will be a silent hit from convictions, Gaming tournaments etc…
It’s just… BB is literally on development. There isn’t a lot to show, because the game is evolving and changing by the minute, while Overwatch, for example, was pretty much was done when Blizz announced the game. So when the open beta comes out, be sure a lot of streamers are going to test BB and give their feedback on the game, so as some of the youtubers. That’s basically how BB will gain his public interest again.

And to add to that, paragon just did a piece on PlayStation blog. They’re going to have 1 map. And they’re trying to somewhat separate themselves from MOBA stygma. I think this will help make battleborn seem better by comparison in terms of content and help them achieve that goal it’s not exactly a MOBA

TV ads help but not a lot, Social media marketing is the way to go and that’s not just sending out tweets and hoping someone will read them. It’s getting a community and building a good relationship with your fans. Get youtubers/streamer that create content engaged with your game. Their followers will pick up on the game as they will see their friend or the content creator as an authority or someone to play with.

With the CTT 2K invited quality streamers to play a preview build and i think this was a very good move of them.

The new Skill Trailers are getting more positive feedback. I talked to 2K and they are working hard on making more videos.

We still have a few more heroes to get announced. These always get a lot of attention on big game website.

Because Battleborn is a new IP and a new flavor of gameplay people don’t know what it is. GBX & 2K have to build a new fan base. Cross promoting it with Borderlands helps, although a lot of ppl ask about BL3. A game like Overwatch has a big blizzard community behind it, thats one of the reasons why it seems to get more buzz.

At first ppl didn’t knew what Borderlands 1 was, it wasn’t getting the attention as some other games did. Well it turned out to be a sleeper hit and ppl are screaming for the next installment.

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[quote=“sb12df, post:6, topic:1255332, full:true”]What about GhostRobo?
He’s super excited about that.[/quote]
Yeah, him too. And probably some others which i don’t really know about.

So yeah, for the advertisement, it’s pretty much about the Beta.

I guess the newly-forming Battleborn community (us obviously included) just need to be patient and have faith that things will pick up once the Beta launches. Borderlands, as stated above, started out small but quickly gained a vast following (BL2 still being largely played so many years after its release), I’m sure BB will be the same. I’ve grown very fond of GBX and what they can do. I feel a bit more at ease now!

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If you sub to a lot of twitter channels (gaming) you’ll see it come up a lot… But it’s still a while before the marketing and hype builds up, post beta we’ll see things start.

When GBX & 2K show off new heroes traffic to my website increases. During the CTT it was extreme (for my traffic standards). But that’s just a small indicator, if you look back at the CTT and the forum activity on the Battleborn section. I always thought we were here with a “small” group, with the CTT it exploded! A lot of discussion and new threads popping up.

If a game is on someones radar doesn’t always mean they follow the right social media channels or they start screaming it from the rooftops.


I never worry about marketing and hypretrains. There will be a lots of players in the game and they have friends on their accounts who also know it.

That doesn’t seem to be the problem I’ve been seeing. The problem is less that ‘there isn’t much hype’ but more ‘people have no idea what to make of it’.

Well, a lot of people didn’t know what to make of Borderlands either. That seemed to work out pretty well, though!

Unfortunately, I don’t think this game will sell well :unamused:

Most comments on IGN and whatever other website always says “give me BL3” or “not trusting them after Aliens”.

Easier to hear the loud few, than the quiet lots.

And i don’t know how well it will sell. But i guess the Beta will give us a glimpse.


I would have gone with majority, but I still agree with you, Corrsk. As for BB, the more I see, the more I want to play again! Where’s our beta, @JoeKGBX and @Jeffybug! :dukerage:

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Where on IGN do you see that? The Borderlands board there is as dead as the proverbial dodo. (I used to hang out there quite a bit before I discovered these forums.)

People are tired of so many online games.