Marketplace - Miscelanous Section pretty Empty

I look at those XP boosters an which there was something else.

Has any one reasonable Ideas what too put there?

I think there should be a Loot booster there the pricing could be one day for 5000 Credits, 7500 Credits for 2 Days and 10.000 for five.

It’s effect should make it so every enemy can drop gear, mayor Enemies Drop Epic instead of other gears, and bosses often drop Epic and/or Legendaries.

Such an item MUSTN’T be locked behind Platinum only, that might really be a bad mistske that could be done. I think it would be alright to offer payment via plat as in unlocking Bank Space or Loadouts but NOT ONLY PLATINUM.

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I dont like the idea of boost credits with platinum… Credits = lootpacks = rng = legendaries, ppl with money would have more chances to get legendaries; i need 4pvp matches to get enough credits to buy a 1 faction pack.

We could have random stuff like: change the glow of rath swords or chance orendi bolts into bats maybe litte effects that dosent worth a skin but give an extra layer of personalisation to your battleborn.

Maybe new voice lines, minor stuff that dosent impacto in the game at all.

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I wouldn’t buy skins but I would Orendi shooting rainbows and her skills a giant pillar of light. Reverse that for Ambra

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I would change alani into a fire Bender!!!

Give me give me!!!

I would play Alani if she was a fire bender. Odd because I love water benders and the idea of water bending

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Challenge other Alani on enemy team to an Agni Kai? Sounds fun!!


Could reyna over shield instead of purple glow, put you a leather amror!! When increased to +110 shield into a chain mail.

Oky this maight be ugly but any idea works in a brainstorm

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Mellka in chain mail sounds interesting. Perhaps eldrified vines?

Are you trying to say: eldric reyna?

Kinda, yeah. That would be fine too. If just an effect though, I’d want vines instead of an overshield, with a leaf effect. (Just add “medicinal use only”. Oh my gosh I’m sorry for that)

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Could ambra sunspot get changed to stones or maybe water bubles? Tho… Dialoges wont make sense lol.

Rough Rider shield from BL2 :slight_smile:

I could have sworn I saw a gearbox post months ago there were never going to be boosters in this game, especially not with the premium currency.

I thought the whole Idea of Microtransactions was at a “No, we’re not doing that” status but it changed.

Probably some with leftover Platinum begged (or demanded?) that there IS something more to spent Plat on.

As I see it a loot booster that can only be used with platinum would be pretty dumb. But if that was an option as in “People to lazy to earn credits and rather use real money as shortcut” kind of solution, I think it should be okay.

The only thing about this that might be a problem is the fact you can’t really tell the difference. If it’s not obvious like going out with 20+ Gear or 5+ Epic in one run, it would probably hard to tell.

Might as well have it. I don’t like microtransactios, but if they need the money, let them get it from dudes who are too impatient to grind. Now if this game would have had a market/bazaar like the one in war frame, I would have quit long ago. I refuse to give another person my money because they got lucky, or just farm that item for in game currency or even real currency. Tldr: have microtransactions, don’t have player to player transactions

If there was an option to turn all of ambra’s orange fire effects- spots, solar winds, extinction event, her fire trail after her movement, and her beam- from orange to blue, I would pay as much for a tier 3 skin. It would look so cool, especially with certain skins

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