Marketplace Refunds

How do they work? I know it says a limit of 3. Do they reset after a certain amount of time? If so, how long? Or is it limit of 3 Total for all time?

Also, is there something I’m missing, but can In-game purchases be catalogued separately from Plat. Purchases? Hard to review Plat. Purchases when you’re wading through like 94855986 lootpack purchases.

I think it’s 3, like, ever

Well fack! I was fooling around and screw my 3 refounds :frowning:

What’s this about refunds? Like… If i don’t like what i get out of a purchased loot pack?

Nah, homie. Not lootpacks, refunds are only for Platinum purchases.

Wait… If i don’t like a skin or taunt, or if the server fudges me out of purchased platinum? WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS?! I’m gonna refund something SO hard…

yeah if a skin/taunt/etc you purchases and don’t want, you can refund it.

I’m doing this either tonight or tomorrow night, because i no longer play Miko, and wish to refund the platinum spent on his taunt and skin. Thanks for the info!

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