Marketplace Wants

I like the idea of custom recolour skins. Since it’s easy to pick 3-4 colours and they fill the required locations it would work pretty much like the Borderlands (original) skin changing.


I respectfully disagree.

I’m also of the opinion that since all Legendaries have fixed cost, they should have fixed stats (or not be fixed cost.) I feel like paying to correct an RNG screw isn’t bad. Selling the Legendaries directly for Platinum would be Pay To Win for me.

I’d be in for gear boosters, probably. I have some pack-only Legendaries that I quite like but they aren’t max stats and it upsets me.

I don’t like microtransactions, but I MIGHT be down for new voicelines. I love our Battleborn cast. I’d feel like I need to have them all, though. Skins and taunts don’t really do it for me, but more great zingers and one-liners would interest me, and if it gave new story mission interactions that would be a sufficient reason for me to dive back into stories I’ve done dozens of times with renewed zeal.

Exactly my thinking! I have barely any interest in skins & taunts and I´m not a fan of MTs, but I think callout-sets could bring a new fresh wind into the game.

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Any examples of potential callout sets that would make you throw your wallet at GBX?

I also would be more interested in Skins if they were legit Remodels rather lazy retextures. Also if they had sound effects like Rath’s Ice cream or S&A’s ballooons.

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I don’t think it is pay to win, as anything outside of a particular instance, like paying for better gear instead of farming, doesn’t count. Even experience from playing (the irl kind) doesn’t count. But I don’t trike the idea that people have put hundreds of hours into getting certain thing sand having that invalidated. Why grind when you can get a bad one and pay money and not put effort in? It may just be personal, but I just don’t like the idea.

The game is struggling on all platforms and now we have the community demanding GBX/2K to create more ways for the already small community base to give it more money.

And this is having GBX not needing to create a functional product.

The community is now demanding to be given the option to just throw their money at GBX and 2K.

This is absolute insanity.

And we still don’t have a single DLC from the Season Pass yet, the community hasn’t received a working service/product, but here we are demanding, pleading, begging to rip open our bank accounts and throw our hard-earned dollars for nothing in return.

This is exactly the reason I was against the idea of the boosters in the last Battleplan of August 25th. Now 2K can have all the reasons to order GBX to skewer with every aspect of the game with microtransactions, since the community they are supposed to be providing the service to are volunteering themselves to give them money for nothing.

I didn’t ask for this.

I will never ask for this.

I refuse to reward any company in any fashion when they have not yet delivered, even worse if they aren’t even giving me anything in return. Why does anyone believe this principle and business practice is a good idea? Why is the community championing the concept of giving your valuable cash in such a fashion?

The microtransactions will only get worse, especially now that GBX/2K found a batch of reliable people to take advantage of.

Any game with microtransactions forces the functionality of the game to revolve around it, to ensure that players are enticed and psychologically manipulated to use it. In order for us to use XP boosters, GBX/2K may lower the XP gains to make level painfully slow.

What happens then when they reduce credits too?

Or jack up costs of Loot Packs.

Or reduce drop rates, so you gotta buy drop rate boosters in order to start getting somewhat decent loot.

Let’s extrapolate this one further. How about we need to buy Skin Boosters in order to see the character we are playing instead of using some androgynous blank model, PER MATCH, by the way. You want to use Helix Points? Helix Boosters please, per match. You want to move forward and backwards? Direction Boosters, please, and one time use! You actually want to play on a map instead of a blank open space with absolutely nothing on it? Map Booster, thank you!

Companies are more than eager, if such an opportunity arises, to take your money when you are asking for nothing. Is this the kind of behaviour we want to encourage? Because Battleborn won’t become a better product if we’re willing to give GBX/2K money to not work on Battleborn. Just like if anyone is willing to give me money to watch cat videos and do nothing with my life, I will watch cat videos and do nothing with my life because I’m rewarded for my bad behaviour.

I want Battleborn to thrive with GBX giving their best, not collapse from decisions that will make their hard work blow up in smoke.


I’m not sure if you are being serious or not…

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When you have the community itself championing the idea of throwing money to gain nothing in return, then anything is possible.

The company is no longer held accountable to provide anything at this point. Why should they? They have your money without doing any work.

Dunno why I found this post rather funny, had a good chuckle.

I’m not demanding anything. The Marketplace is right there, I doubt it is going anywhere. I can 100% live without giving them a single $$$ of my money. YET I’m stating things that would probably be to my fancy should it be implemented. These things I’m suggesting (not begging for) are things that 100% isn’t required for you to enjoy your BB experience, but rather options for those who have the extra funds to support the company and get things they want.


To me, it kinda sounds like…
Like for example, League of Legends is very popular. They got a lot of money out of the game. Now, out of nowhere, they take the game offline so nobody can play it anymore. They already took enough money from their fans anyways!

To me, what you said in your previous comment wouldn’t be different from what I just said. It doesn’t make sense.
“Oh, we took money from our fans so now we destroy the game. ;D”

The flaw in your statement is that League will never end their game. Why? Because getting all the money is still not enough money. The only way to continue with getting all the money is to keep the game alive, in which I’m saying it costs them less to sustain it than to pull the plug.

And the message I was saying is. “You give me money to not make Battleborn more fun, replayable, keeps player retention, to be the best game it can be… but you want boosters? Well, then Battleborn will not be better and you get all the boosters you want!”


I think you should calm down a bit. This is not “the whole community demanding more MTs” but one topic ment for brainstorming what, if any, MTs some players might like.

I did not saw one post here seriously demanding MTs over actual updates, hotfixes, patches or promised DLCs. Its clear that those things are far more important than any possible MT.

At this moment its clear 2K will not let go so easily on MTs, and since we don´t have a real clue about the finance management between GBX & 2K its hard to judge if they need the money for further work on BB fixes or if they are just greedy as many people like to say.
Both are assumptions or/and accusations based on assumptions.

Many players dislike MTs and the general model, me included.
But there are also people who actually buy them, so discussing what some might like to see in the future is not insanity, its just one discussion out of many here.

Sidenote: If you post on a topic, please post something regarding the actual topic. There are many many threads about the negative aspects of MTs, but this topic was not ment to be such a discussion.

You stated that you´re absolutely not interested and against MTs - for further discussion about negative effects of MT´s continue in one of these topics or open a new topic regarding this issue:

Why can’t the game be better AND get boosters?

And also, how would it make sense that they increase EXP given, add boosters and THEN decease the EXP to an even lower value?

In case some of you haven’t noticed the developers are already working to make the game better and we have a release date finally for the first DLC pack from the Season Pass. I’d say things are on the right track.

This will probably be my last post on this topic in this thread.

Based on what the mod typed above your post, we don’t know the financial situation and management between GBX and 2K.

What we do know, however, is that 2K is very reluctant to unwilling to let go of the idea of microtransactions.

The Best Game Ever and Getting Better and Boosters are not mutually exclusive attributes in a game. Assuming the game is doing very well financially.

Most of us know Battleborn didn’t hit that mark of expectations.

If 2K one day demands microtransactions to be the highest priority (thus the game will have to be skewered from inside out to make sure people always buy the MTs) in order to cut the losses and pulling out, of course the community being screwed in the process, I really doubt GBX could continue down the path of their vision without paying very heavy repercussions.

What I’m trying to say is when push comes to shove, GBX is forced to obey. Thus I doubt “Becoming Better” would be the victor in the skirmish.

I see people keep saying this over and over. Not to say it’s worded like you speak for all, do you really not get that be so there won’t be any complaint about MTs? But there are, and there are many of them - this means these “things” aren’t that harmless to what many people think and feel about the game.

Having an access to everything a game has to offer is required for my enjoyment of that game. That’s why I almost always buy Collector’s/Deluxe editions or whatever they’d call them.

Voice lines. i’d pay to pick specific bits of dialogue from my character that i could hotkey and shout in game. I’d spam “run! RUN FROM BOLDUR!” all the damn time.

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I pretty much only want pricing that makes sense lmao


uniform pricing system for skins. as of right now they are just pallet swaps.
they dont have variable grades of rarity and it not as if we can sell/trade them

Reyna wearing her strap-on skin, and accompanying hip-thrusting taunt.

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