Marqui has a glitch

I dont know if this was the plan of the developers or its a glitch…

  1. I was lagging and i died which caused this glitch or 2. Just before i died i was slowed that when or after i re spawned for the whole game i move really slow and i can only jump and inch high…its so ridiculous i cant even jump unto the platform going up the steps where the second sentry is with the shock turret directly below it ( ) that platform near the lightening turret…he cant even jump that high, not the part closest to the turret the other end behind ambra movement speed and he moves as if he has been slowed and this happens for the whole game.

I’ve heard of this happening. It’s not a bug with Marquis, iirc it can affect anyone. Did you die again after the glitch happened?

The slow bug does happen to other characters, I was on the Sentinel with some of the peeps here and got it as Ambra.