Marqui Shield Pen Mutation Useless

The current helix 5 mutagen makes the damage on the passive detonation for Eins Zwei die have 100% shield pen.

This means in your third consecutive hit you deal 100% shield pen…

Who would possibly still have shields after two direct Marqui hits? What is the point of this? To twice a day hope you can kill someone who is low health by spending 1-2 minutes watching them pop out of cover and firing only three shots, hoping desperately that you never miss and the shield pen is enough to kill them the third time?

This is just such a terrible option. Eins ZewinCry is very strong. Having a mutagen compete with it is a waste unless the mutagen does something to seriously modify how Marqui plays.

Perhaps change is so that All shots have 50% shied pen? This would actually be an interesting alternative to second shot bonus damage as well as changing how Marqui picks priority targets.


a kleese who regens shield at an alarming rate other than

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I see what you’re saying, but late game Kleese is already a bad target for Marqui to face alone. And even with this Mutagen you’re only dealing damage every third shot, still far too slow to actually generate a kill.

It can be useful depending on what the other team is, if they have say Reyna the third hit might be after they put up the shield you can still finish them off.

Also if your items are for shield penetration and attack speed you are able to take down hp straight away with every 3rd shot doing more damage. From items I have I could get 30% shield penetration and 18% attack speed. Just depends on your play style.

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I guess it can be useful in PVE 4-5 people coop against some tougher mobs with big shields you can’t break in 2 shots, unfortunately only few of them have HP low enough for the shield penetration itself to become reasonable to use.

Those few being the intermediary Minions, like the Striker or Ronin. They’re roundabout the only enemies with low enough health and enough shields to warrant it.

One thing you might want to consider in this though, is the strategy of getting Eins and Zwei with the Pistol, then scoping in for the Die, as Marquis’ side arm DOES set up his passive. This could lead to a surprising chunk of HP damage, really fast, against people who are sticking around too long with low health because of shields.

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Also useful for 1V2’s and 2V2’s your first 2 shots will take out 1 characters shield then use the third on the 2nd. Just trying to think outside the box there, but I see what your saying not the best mutagen.

Eins counts toward marked enemy only. If you shot second enemy it’ll start another Eins counter.

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Really? Don’t use Marquis often so I haven’t unlocked that mutagen yet. If thats the case I apologize, I guess that is a pretty useless mutagen lol.

The thing is you have to take this perk instead of passive on second hit. With passive on second hit and base damage up Kleese is a four shot kill. Shields down on the second hit. Tbh Kleese is probably the most attractive target in the game for Marquis. 4 shot kill, super big, Super slow. Even easier to kill than Montana and Miko.

Honestly, I think ALL of Marquis’ mutagens are quite weak. Too many focus on his owl which while it is a useful tool it is never much more than a nifty gimmick. Compared to classes like Rath and Galilea where mutagens significantly change how you play, Marquis’ are all meh at best.

Even the plus 2 rounds is dramatically over shadowed by -60% recoil.

I have a legendary that gives 20% pen and bonus shield damage based on pen so I use that mutation on sentrys with that item so every 3rd shot does like a quarter of the shield, but it’s hard to not pick those other 2 lol

It works on the sentries which means he can sit next to the healing station and destroy my sentry

Um… Have you heard of reyna overshilds saves people? It just ignores it and kills her or the player she overshild on.

Kleese can’t heal himself, only others. Any damage that penetrates shields counter’s kleese and anyone standing near his shield regen stations when he’s not around.

More than that, as a mutation, you can pick it or not depending on if you need it. While most other character’s would need to use gear, selected before they even know who they are up against, to penetrate shields.

If you don’t like it because you haven’t found a use for it fine, but don’t complain it’s useless.

very true, as a mutation it does give you some flexability, especially if you see a team with characters like SHayne, Kleese, Ambra, Reyna, maybe Kelvin, Phoebe, and Isic who also can have really good shields stuff and are more likely to stay in a fight with a sliver of health and full shields, you don’t have to lament not taking the bonus damage to shields based on shield pen item (Which is, imo, the only shield pen item by itself worth considering, why is worthy of topic entirely in itself of why shield pen is a, too situational stat to put on items.)

I feel the same way about Kleese’s bouncing mortors. They do so low and and have long travel time bouncing won’t really help even if they added a large AoE on bounce with good damage for it to be viable. His other options are much better 98% of the time.

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@Zsword ^That’s what I assumed it was for. :]