Marquis Aimbot Report (ID code of the match inside)

I cannot find anyplace to report, sorry if I’m in the wrong place.
The match ID is 20160527-04c29965-c069-46f6-be23-402d833f6fee
The name of the user is ASMAHRA.
It was a Meltdown match.

And no, he was not that good, the entire team realize it was aimbot, not only me.

so is PC the only place with aimbot?

So far

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He could have played with a controller on the pc. You will get aim assist then, which is realy helpfull for a hero like Marquis. Maybe that could be mistaken for aimbot?

No, I play with a controller on pc I know how it is, he had 30 wins and 0 losses, no one had a score like him, far from it.
If he was this good, really good, like the best Marquis in all Battleborn history I suppose he probably will not be matchmaking with all the players in the match we played.
I was El Dragon and every confront I had with him with the full health, he kill me. I try team up with Shayne and no way to beat him, you see this is strange right?

were all his kills headshots, if so its definatly aimbot otherwise he can kill you in 3 hits period to the body

I’m using the expertise I got in 200hrs in game, I may be wrong? Of course, but I never saw something like that happen. Gearbox have a way to confirm this looking at the past matches he played., I watched one video with a Marquis doing aimbot and it’s the same pattern.