Marquis Aimbots ruining the game (PICS) Plz add report or block function

I have seen this guy 3 games this morning. He plays marquis every time and he never misses.

100% accuracy
all headshots
11 kills in 6 minutes

Every time we face him we get stomped, and end up surrendering because its not fun playing against cheaters.

Any way you can add an option to simply block being matches against/with certain people?

I would never want to play with this guy, but he keeps popping up in every game this morning.

i have reported him to steam but i doubt that does anything.

ive seen some skilled players in my day but never a legit human being with 100% accuracy at all ranges.


Out of curiosity, how do you know he has 100% accuracy?

Well, i guess i dont know for a fact.

BUT… general consensus amongst our team was he was hacking/ always hitting headshots and never missing. I know he didnt miss me once… I was testing him by camping a corner and every time i would even move a teeny bit out from the corner he had already shot me

Im not the only one who thought so. Every1 on my team was saying the same thing.

One person said he tried to sneak up on him, only for him to quickly snap around and snipe him at close range for 3 quick headshots… i know this is possible with legit aim but i kinda really highly doubt a human can be tht accurate that much. Dude must either be a professional gamer or simply just cheating. Keep in mind 3 game sin a row that were al surrendered because of players feeling cheated by him.

I doubt 15 people are being sour. Somethings fishy here.

lets say somehow this guy is legit. he still has no purpose playing with normal people like me. I cant compete with 95+ accuracy, no way man.

Thats like mike tyson going into a amateur gym and knocking people out lol

if anyone can tell me how to record game footage i will gladly do it.

im not here to spread lies or tarnish anyones reputation but i honestly feel like this guys a hacker.

ive played against plenty of really great snipers but never something like this caliber

@chodespode Try Plays.TV, it’ll record automatically and you can cut out clips and upload them when out of the match.

thank you. hopefully i can get this working so i can better report the things im seeing in game. cheers

Not doubting you, just wondering if there were stats you had somewhere that I didn’t know about. I feel your pain when it comes to these kind of people.

If you need to cheat to win, please find a new game.

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Bandicam is a good free tool for recording gameplay. The limit is you can only recod in 10 minute sessions and it has the Bandicam watermark.

I would suggest explaining to your team that you are trying to prove he’s cheating and to not surrender. Get the full game stats and maybe talk to his teammates, too; it would even help your cause if you happen to be on the same team as him and see the same thing. Nobody likes to lose, but good gamers don’t like to win by cheating, either.

Yeah. I figured out how to work the recording stuff but sadly i havent encountered the same guy (cheater) yet.

I know once i get him on video it will be all the proof we need.

A final nail in the coffin would be if i could somehow spectate him in first person mode, is this possible?

Only if he kills you and then only long enough to see his taunt, I believe. However, once you have reasonable evidence, I’m pretty sure the devs can watch any player in-game if they are looking.

Here i just played with a ghalt i suspect of cheating

8 kills in 5 minutes time
never missed a single shot
all crits

VAC ban on his account already from 150 days ago

Once a cheat always a cheat


omg… they are still playing BB and still using hack??? I made a thread a while ago about exactly same 2 cheaters as you posted here but somehow a moderator moved my report to the moderator-only section and said that I could directly PM to Joe about cheater report so I did it and Joe said like he would hand over this report to appropriate people. wow your post proved they did absolutely nothing to those cheaters!! feelsbadman… really bad…

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lol yeah… i hope somehow they can develop some sort of anti cheat.

ive seen it before in games like ut2004… of course the aimbotters always find a way around it eventually, but it could keep them at bay for a few weeks.

I was in this game with OP, this Marq was a little too good with the aim. I played this game for a long time already and I don’t see kills like this. If I had to choose if this was hacks or not I would choose hacks even though I cant say its 100% because I am not sitting at that Marq’s desk and looking at him. Here is a clip of him killing me… fully scoped in and myself trying to time his shots to move away w/ him just crit head shoting me anyway for the kill.

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lol. nice footage dude. glad u got that.

no way is that legit imo

he straight up did u dirty 5 shots in a row no miss, all zoomed in from short range.

that first shot that took your shield down was already suspicious as hell. you could barely barely see him and hes already landing headshots on you.

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Correct, when marq is in that position it’s really hard to shoot so you basically have to at least move and pistol it for the kill. That marq was stationary fully zoomed and killed me w/ no misses at all. I even punched him off the ledge and he still got me when he was mid air (but of course I turned around by then) lol… What can you do…

if this guy is legit his brain and eyes and overall reflexes must be out of this world… alien perhaps?

its so hard to land zoomed in shots at that range, let alone headshots… let alone 5 in a row …

its like this dudes life is in slow motion compared to ours lol

that first shot at the 4 second mark… lol i cant even see the marquis but somehow he shot you

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Remember all, report function in game is coming soon :slight_smile:

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We have a few things coming soon. Reporting should be in the next major patch.

We ARE tracking cheaters now. You’ll near more about this in the coming weeks.

If it was ever unclear, cheating of any sort is expressly forbidden by our terms of service. When we take action, it will be decisive.