Marquis and surrenders

Every game every day this is all I see. I’m actually thinking of taking a break till marquis is nerfed and the surrender is pushed to 15 to 20 mins at least. It’s not fun to wait in q for ten mins to play for 5 mins.

Marquis can’t even cheese the Sentry anymore.

Marquis sits in his bunker sniping all day while everyone’s is running around doing objectives and trying to farm minions. It’s as fun as planting mine fields in a valley while a sniper is shooting at you. I don’t understand why they don’t make marquis snipe an ability instead of just aiming and shoot

Yeah im not sure why you think Marquis needs nerfing now? And as nicely as i can say this, No one cares when you say “im thinking of taking a break” Im sorry im not meaning to attack its just such an empty and meaningless thing to say and ive seen the same few people on the forums say it repetitively… Be unhappy with marquis, say why you think he needs nerfing for sure give people an idea on why its a problem but the other part isnt needed.

also i havn’t been in a surrender in almost 2 days, so maybe your just unlucky?

There is a thing called CC and flanking to take care of this sort of “camping” thing.

Because he is a sniper… that his role… its his character… Thats like asking for them to make melee attacks an ability on a melee character its a really silly argument.

Im all for character balancing but this isnt a balancing issue its his gameplay and if people play him well he can be lethal… Equally if played poorly he can be useless thats not OP and needing a nerf thats you coming up against players who can use him.

I don’t really care if you think me saying I’m thinking about taking a break is empty lol. I’m saying this is not fun. Surrendering after the enemy team takes 1 hit point off your sentry is getting out of hand. I’m saying a character that can snipe as far as he can see is ridiculous. Especially since the objective isnt always on the move. Every rpg or Moba doesn’t have a character that can passively shoot across the map or lane Cuz that would break the game.

Thats been patched he cant snipe from across the map anymore

Because this is still a FPS… Almost every FPS has a sniper of some kind…If Marquis is SUCH a big deal for you then maybe your standing still to much…
Surrendering hasn’t been an issue to me your either incredibly unlucky or just playing with the wrong people or maybe you need to ask at the start of the game for your teammates to not surrender.

I read on the creative directors twitter that surrender times should be adjusted next week.

My only issue with marquis is when I have team mates than can disrupt him but the choose not to.

Like when I play Miko and I’m trying to heal and Marquis is sniping me to death while my Thorn and Oscar Mike ignore Marquis cause he’s not shooting at them.

I do think they should push out the surrender time. I hate when people want to surrender early, it happens in every moba, people don’t understand how much a late game push can change the game.

Marquis is annoying, but so is every sniper in games. I’m just glad he doesn’t have Widowmaker’s abilities.

I play mainly melee classes. I usually jungle and set up defenses. I go in lane when I have to but my defenses are gone right away Cuz marquis. Cant push minions Cuz of marquis. He does way to much damage in a short amount of time.

I know right. In this one match i just played, we lost, but when our second/last sentry had only 4 HP left and both of the enemy sentries had full HP, we pushed and got the first sentry down during the last 2 minutes. Yes, we lost, but the enemy wasn’t able to push back anymore and if we would have had more time, who knows what would have happened…