Marquis and Thorn sniping the sentry from their base should have never made it to live

I know it is being fixed, and I get it that it takes time to fix issues like this, but that doesn’t make the problem any less forgivable. This was an issue that was reported in beta multiple times, and was not fixed, or even had any preventative measure taken such as disabling those characters on the map Overgrowth or just removing it entirely.

When I see that our sentry is taking fire not 30 seconds into the match it makes me want to stop playing the game and go do anything else because it is so damn frustrating. It brings my enjoyment of the game to a screeching halt if I ever decide to play one of the handful of characters who cannot assassinate Marquis, and if he knows that he can hit the sentry from his supply station behind the sentry, you never get to kill him without yourself dying in the process.

This issue ruins the main multiplayer mode of the game, and the fact it wasn’t fixed when it was known months in advance is frankly embarrassing.

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I get that it’s annoying but…why the hell are we as a community not just voting for Echelon then? It’s not a bad map, people don’t like chokepoints but at least chokepoints can be dealt with(plus there ARE side paths).

Just start voting for Echelon if you’re tired of an Overgrowth specific problem.


I do vote it, that doesn’t stop premades who want to abuse the strategy from all voting overgrowth. Plus, aside from the sentry glitch and Marquis literally being untargetable as he can shoot on the staircase, Overgrowth is a much better map than Echelon.