Marquis Build Guide

I honestly don’t have a good patent pending Marquis build. I wanted this topic to be posted to gather opinions on what others feel is the best build for Marquis and their justifications behind it. Include where you place yourself on the map, who you tend to be near (unless you try to lone wolf) what helix’s you pick and your loadout. Hope to get some good feedback!

I was starting with the haste perk first, then I’d collect enough shards to build logistics and try to run a lane. I didn’t care for the extra zoom since the regular was plenty, and the recoil reduction is nice.
Mostly I waited on the DoT for the time bubble and the two shot critical hit. The rest was whatever I felt like.
In the CT everybody ignored the Hoodini so I barely bothered with the cloak, but that could change if people start picking them off.
If my team pulled ahead I’d start ranging into the enemy side to steal their crystals and destroy the turrets, nobody ever seemed to repair the lightning cannons. The logistics I built made it possible to book it away from other players and turn their attack into an ambush.
I tended to use the overcharge as a last ditch attempt to kill a persistent attacker, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.

At the end of the CT I started stacking the Cull the Weak Vow and noticed sometimes people would die after escaping me, which was pretty great.

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