Marquis Cheese, gone, but now it's made the snipers nest unusable

As many of you know, the snipers nest in Overgrowth has been changed, as to disallow anyone from attempting to cheese the first sentry.

Now, however, because of the model changes, it is possible to jump up onto the nest. I was just in a match where a Galilea was able to jump up onto the nest with ease, and was able to shut us off from their.

You fix one thing, but in the event of doing so, you made it useless.

So you can’t camp without fear of reprisal and that’s the issue ?


You just need to keep your eyes open, and teammates need to cover you. You have a great view of middle, you should see them coming at you.

It’s incredibly easy to force enemies out of the nest if you have a team that knows how to work together. It’s a small space which means any CC or AoE burst damage will nuke a group of people standing there. You can easily quick-melee people off or use pushback skills.

And as a side-note they had to add that there, otherwise you’d have to go around the corner, into the enemy territory, past their stinger to get into the nest unless you’re using one of the characters with mobility options to get on top of the ledge.

No, the issue is that there’s no real reason to have that there anymore. Any ranged hero would be able to get you down, but it’s meant to be a ‘safe haven’ from melee heroes.

Now, it’s just a thing that’s there.

Go stand on top of the ramps to the entrance of the side tunnel if you want to be high with little risk, personally i dont mind the change in the slightest,

Lol he wants a safe haven from melee champs

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I just did a match earlier as Kleese and used the new position fine. I would place rifts periodically at key points in mid, then hunker there pew pewing people from range and the occasional mortar.

Sure people would come over now and again but I just simply moved from the spot, supported from another angle, and came back if need be.

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If Galilea is camping your nest then you can punish everyone in mid even more. Galilea isn’t going to do anything by pushing you off there and holding it.

Had a Marquis earlier who wouldn’t let my Kleese out too get work done, still sniper spots. Difference now is you can’t head glitch.

Thing is, we were trapped in the Sentry area.

We couldn’t get out.

If Gal is in the nest, it’s 5v4 mid. If you couldn’t get out, your comp was prob heal/support heavy and not enough deeps.

You simply have to treat the nest differently.

Before, you had to be on the lookout for a melee character pushing through around the corner and up the stairs to try and knock you out into the middle. Your retreat was through the hole in the nest towards the stinger turret, and then you had to loop back around towards the stairs, getting dangerously close to the heavy action where the waves are smashing against each other.

Now, you have to be on the lookout for a melee character hopping up via the box. Your retreat is the same direction, only if you prevail and manage to take them out with the help of the turret there (you… you are keeping that turret up, right?), or they just wuss out and bail thinking they’ve put a stop to your shenanigans, you don’t have to waste time or risk getting swept up in wave clear while running back around to the stairs - they’re right in front of you.

I’ll also add that you can technically snipe from anywhere; so long as you’re mindful of your surroundings. :blserious:

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I knew I should have flamed the Kleese.

If you’re getting melee characters in your face in the sniper box then your team isn’t doing their job of holding the middle area very well.