Marquis Cross-Mapping the Sentry

This makes me extremely angry when Marquis cross-maps the sentry and head-glitches so we can’t kill him. There needs to be a certain spot where he can’t shoot the sentry, forcing him to step up to damage it. Adding a circle area to damage the sentry would fix this so easily. I hope it’s not just me having this problem, but when I go against a Marquis they almost always do this.

I’ve noticed that ALL ranged characters can do it :smiley:

Yes, but they aren’t nearly as effective as Marquis. Literally sitting at their sentry sniping mine, doing a good bit of damage to it is what I’m talking about.

Which map is this on?

Don’t necro a really old thread.

This was back when overgrowth was not fixed and has many spots where marquis can just cheese his way and kill a sentry from the base itself.