Marquis discussion

Marquis is a sniper character, best suited to sticking to the outskirts of battles and picking off his targets from relative safety

His cane rifle is called the Bindle Bane. You can pull up the sights with the left trigger and can unlock the ability to increase the zoom magnification

His know abilities are:

Predatory strike - throws out a robotic owl named houdini which patrols a small area, homing in on and exploding on anything unfortunate enough to come in his range. Can be upgraded to toss out three owls

Time Dilation - a sphere of energy which he can throw down which slows time for anyone caught within its influence, making enemies easy pickings for his sniper rifle. Can be upgraded to boost teammates movement speed as well

Ein,Zwei,Die - a passive ability which cause his bullets to mark enemies, leaving them trackable by you and your teammates momentarily on the mini map, landing a third consecutive shot deals bonus damage on the target

Overcharge blast - charges a fires a large, slow moving projectile which deals massive damage to enemies, will synergise well with time dilation, making it harder for enemies to avoid

and although he denies it, I fully believe Marquis is a tribute to the wonderful @Psychichazard and possibly his future self as he turns himself into a robot and takes over the world.

WrathOfSithis was the OP of this but since they were not getting moved over and the panel is today I’m moving some of these over here

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I’ll believe it (the fact that he is a tribute to Psy) when I play it.

Yeah, I doubt very much that it’s anything to do with me.

The OP said you would deny it. Hmm… I’m on to you.

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damn. Even I don’t know what to conclude about that.


If Battleborn offers skin/head options one should definetly be whatever PHs avatar is.

Also, I am super excited to play as this guy.

It’s lovely that people think this, but I’m just a mod.

Nah, you’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m sure GBX is really grateful for all the moderating you’ve done.

You may not know it, but you’re well known (and sometimes loathed) across the Borderlands community that expands far beyond our forum home. I’ve even seen your name dropped in discussions about moderation in non-Borderlands related communities.

So yeah, a small nod is well deserved IMO.

And besides, a fluffy dog with a monocle where Marquis’s head usually is would be hilarious with or without a reference to you.

That’s a bit weird. I’ve not seen much positive discussion about me in other fora, mostly it’s just people complaining about getting banned for stuff that they were told they were going to get banned for, and the occasional deranged or drunken YouTube tantrum. But if you do see any nice stuff, say hi and send my best regards.

My random contribution to this thread: Marquis was on the scavenger hunt button for the Battleborn panel at Pax South. FX artist Seung Kim drew this sketch for us.


See i was going to play as Marquis… but then saw his main weapon will be a sniper :frowning: sadly i’m not a big sniper fan. but hands down will always have Marquis on my team!
Love his Design so much!

Looking at the recent gameplay footage he mainly shoots with a pistol. The sniper is his ultimate skill.

Talking about Marquis skills one of them is called “EIN, ZWEI , DIE”
I was under the impression that Marques design was more of a english butler, but “ein, zwei” is german.

Close, but not precise. :smile:

Marquis’ gun can be hip-fired as a pistol, but if you LT to ADS it’s a classic sniper scope. You can even aug up the magnitude of the zoom.

Jax - Like most Battleborn, Marquis actually has some diversity to him. While you can tweak him to be a good sniper (though, more of the 3-4 shot sniper, repeating rifle type), his other abilities give him an excellent range of area control. Combine that with his punch pistol and he’s…well…he’s a bit different.

His ULT fires from the rifle/scoped view, but isn’t his only way to shoot long range.


Yeah! iv looked at him more now! will deferentially be giving him a go!! but i feel like Caldarius will be my Main! :smiley:

Someone was kind enough to load a video where I can actually hear his voice. A shame I can’t tell what he is saying half the time but it’s a start.

Just realised marquis has a german accent. i’m quite surprised at how much more i like him because of it, interesting how much difference an accent makes on your impression of a person. :blush:

Also he’s a bit nuttier than i was expecting. always a good thing.

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Just like with Rath & Caldarius i made a little overview video with Marquis’s Abilities.


First alternate skin for Marquis, looking like a gentleman



I hope they don’t only do recolours. Will be kinda… not enough. Customization-wise.

And for those who think too much customization might make it hard to recognize a character, i’d say that two of the biggest MOBA (Dota, LoL) got hard customization (Models change), and not only recolours.

In an interview today, @Jythri mentioned that you have 2 main ways of customising your character. The first is to change your character themselves of course, through something like we are seeing above. No details on that yet.

The other way, that we had not heard before, is changing your Taunt. We saw already some of the Taunt’s in the game, Oscar Mike with the press-ups, Orendi with that… freaky eye thingy… ew. But, it would seem that you can change what Taunt’s you have available, which is Awesome.