Marquis fix ideas

Right now marquis is one of the most powerful battle born in the incursion game mode. With the ability to sit back at a healing station while also destroying a sentry all at the same time. Which I know a lot of you are well aware of. His attack speed on his bindlebane gives him more chances to hit a target with out much penalties for missing his shots.

So how do we fix this? For starters lets look at his passive eins, zwei, die. On the third shot on the same target adds 50% of attack damage as bonus damage. Personally I feel like that’s a great reward system for a player hitting there shots on same target, but because of helix like autoloader and efficiency expert it makes it way to easy to get his passive off, plus his bandlebanes base attack speed is way to high to being with. Which gives a player all the chances in the world to land shot and still reap the benefits of the passive. A way to fix this is by adding a, if a player misses a shot the stacks are lost or are reduced by one. This will make players aim more instead of spraying a sniper like a assault rifle.

Next is the bindlebane, the pistol/ sniper rifle. As it stands this weapon just shoots way to fast in both pistol form and sniper form. Pistol becomes really strong with Helixs like bullet banker, efficiency expert, and autoloader. Which transforms it to a hand cannon while still giving the sniper form a missives boots in power all at the same time. One way to fix this is to reduce its based attack speed. I would says 15% on the pistol and 20-30% on the sniper. Which would lessen all of this helix boost in power

Now it’s time for Helixs

Waste makes haste gives marquis a great escape tool right off the back were he can gain 30% movement speed will taking 30% movement speed to his chasers all at the same time, which make s marquis very hard to catch. By reducing the movement speed to 15% or reducing the slow to 15% or both to 15% it will give players a chance to catch marquis. Another chose is to have it remove the slow affect altogether which will have players really thinking about their choses weather to keep the slow or to get movement speed.

I know I talked about Efficiency Expert a lot but it’s really the best chose at level 5. Because it allows you to bust everything down by reducing your passive down to two shot your able to pick up more kills. Combo that with bullet banker, you’ll be able to kill almost anyone in on clip. A way to fix this is by making it weapon specific, buy putting it on the pistol a lone so there isn’t a massive power spike in both the pistol and sniper.

Level 7 Helixs are just too strong over all. I been saying reduce this, reduce that, but this feels like it you reduce too much they won’t be a real boots or one would be the dominate chose.

Cease and Desist as it stands now it’s really strong. Combo this with Waste Makes Haste and you while have a 90% difference in speed with marquis which just makes him uncatchable. Or he could just use this to slow his target down some as he hit them with a full clip of sniper rounds. This really need to be looked at, I have nothing to say about how to fix it but this just can’t be left alone.

These are just some ideas not all should be use because than marquis will be nerfed in to the ground.

I don’t think he needs to be nerfed.

They’re fixing the Incursion sentry thing this coming week so he can’t cheese it, and until he reaches late game (or the person playing as him has great aim,) he can’t do much until level four or five.

He’s shredded by any other sniper character or any assassin, but he has an advantage over bigger, meatier targets. He also has the distinction of not being able to take on more than one Battleborn at a time, team fights are nigh impossible for him.

He’s good at escaping a scrap if he sees it coming, and he’s good at picking off problem opponents, but he has plenty of weaknesses. Any of your suggestions would make him pretty useless unless you buffed his damage EVEN HIGHER, which nobody wants.

He’s fine the way he is.

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Are you a marquis player? But when ever I use him it’s way to easy to pick up kills on all most anyone I come across. But when I first started using him it was allow hard to hit ambra, Deande, Miko, Mellka, Orendi, and other Marquis’s. Just because they were to small for me to hit when I first started using him. But now it’s just to easy punish anyone in Incursion. I lot of battleborns get punish due to there size my marquis. And yes I do think he should be nerfed way to strong right now

That’s more a testament to your aim if anything. If you’re skilled with playing a character and stomp face, most of the time it means you’re just good with that specific character. It’s only when you crush on your first game with a character that people start claiming OP.

Like Galilea, how anybody can play her decently well, at least before the damage nerf. I’ve seen plenty of bad Marquis, and plenty of good ones, he definitely has more of a skill curve than a power problem.

That is how i felt about Marquis yet he has been nerfed twice past two weeks. Yet there is El Dragon, I got tired of complaining about his apperant op-nes that i played a match of meltdown with him. I went 15-2-6 and god was i bored playing him.

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