Marquis gear loadouts questions

hi there all, I was wondering what gear loadouts synergize well with marquis?(I love synergies so i’m looking for a match for marquis)

I was thinking lots of shield penetration for incursion(bunker buster tossed in for shield stripping)

or possibly a -recoil gear, but i’m not certain how effective it really is

anyway if someone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated

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I’d buff attack speed as much as possible. Faster hits with the high damage will melt targets, and make it easier to get the Ein, Zwie, Die proc. Shield pen would definitely work… attack damage I probably wouldn’t bother with due to the hugh enough damage output he has… maybe movement/sprint speed? Making a safe retreat easier, as he can be squishy. If you play with friends/team I wouldn’t bother because you can generally rely on them to keep you protected, but in a random queue I wouldn’t ignore movement/sprint speed.

That’s my thoughts anyway! I haven’t played him since beta, so hopefully someone with more experience can give you some better ideas!

thanks for the informative reply, I hope to find a synergy that works effectively

There isn’t much synergy for characters that shoot.

I mostly run reload speed, atk speed, atk dmg. Which my oscar/whiskey/melka/reyna all runs as well.

Recoil reduction is pointless once you get used to the recoil (and choose the recoil helix)
Shield pen is useless unless enemy team has a strong kleese. Shields usually melt in 1-2 shots. The passive will do tons of damage.

There’s a legendary that gives additional atk speed when stationary.
That’s a really good legendary for marquis if you scope and don’t move often (meaning you find a good vantage point to stand and not one that can be returned fire easily)

I build damage, recoil and reload. Then as the attack speed buff in his helix. These all add up to being able to melt most people at lon range whilst still proquing your passive as much as possible

Not sure if I’m allowed to share my own comment on another post, but here you go:
I’ve kind of stopped playing Battleborn for now though, so not sure how much the meta for Marquis players have changed.

Loadout’s are at the bottom of the comment… Note that this was done 3/4 months ago.

that’s completely fine, thank you for your insight.