Marquis glitch on Overgrown that breaks the game

I played a game today and found a really broken glitch that allows Marquis to shoot through the steps in Overgrown and take down the first enemy sentry. I tried it the next game and singlehandedly took it out within 4 minutes. Here’s a video of another player using it:
Basically you can scope down the sight just above the floor and be completly covered while you take down the sentry. The only way to get at him is to push like crazy but like I said I took down the sentry in 4 minutes.

Here’s another clip of my friend recording me using the glitch from a closer angle:

*reads title

Lemme guess, it’s Overgrown again.

*reads post

Yup. There’s already a bunch of posts like this. Check the PvP forum.

Well the reason why I posted it is because I only saw one person talk about marquis sniping the sentry being broken. This is a head glitch problem, making him completely invulnerable while doing it.

Gearbox are aware, and they are working on a fix.

It’s not only just marqui and overgrowth. The room above the last boss can be used to shoot him and not take damage, meaning it can be solo’d by anyone with a ranged weapon.

The boss mobs need to all be fixed into areas that cannot be hit whilst not taking damage from them UNLESS they are targeting a minion. The fact there are multiple areas that can be used to solo a boss mob without it shooting back at you is extremely stupid and breaks the concept. Marqui is just the one people don’t like the most, but toby and thorn and even kleese can do the same thing from different areas… some as far back as BEHIND the friendly tank area near the health station.

And what about oscar mike stealthing behind the enemy team to sit in the area above the last boss? He can sit there and solo the FINAL BOSS of the map in about 60 seconds with just his rifle without taking damage.

Spider tanks need mortars IMO. If the game recognizes it’s being damaged but not able to shoot its lasers or rail gun, it fires homing mortars.

Marquis shooting from his base, Isic and high jmper taking the first senti from the back while the team is pushing the lane and not aware of those in the back, and shooting the second senti from the room…

This game turn into an abuser fiesta and it’s getting really boring as hell (level 80 commander there) because there is no meaning at all from the mechanics of the sbires and robots/thralls if you can abuse the sentinel those ways.

Give them a 250% damage shield back to players when they are attacing it without bots and it will correct all of those abuse.