Marquis health fix

This needs to be lowered he should not have more health (including shield) than dedicated melee. If he gets caught out by melee he should be dead. everything combined is atrocious. Lower his health and put it under max 1200 hp including shield it would help

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But then how would he survive solo story mode? I don’t think I’ve ever run into an issue fighting against a Marquis with a melee character that wasn’t reasonable. Marquis deserves a chance to survive a short melee encounter considering there are multiple ways to play him (one being mid range).

If the Marquis is smart he’s actually got a horrendously annoying quick melee push back. I fought a rather good Marquis (not a back line sniper or cheeser, but an actual active and accurate sniper/midranger) once with Kelvin, any time I closed with him his strategy was to knock me back and then shoot my center mass crit spot before repeating, was surprisingly effective when I wasn’t chomping or sublimating his ass.

Marquis don’t have problem with solo story. He can kill most of the stuffs before they even get to him and because it’s PvE, you can spec into -Recoil and + Attack Speed/Reload and just shoot everything to death even with pistol.

His health can go down to 895 like Benedict level, or even down to Kleese level. His chance to survive against melee depends on how fast he set up that clock field of his. THe MS slow also decrease AS speed in this game. He shouldn’t survive out of purely base stat.

But the clock field isn’t that great until you hit level 9 and take the right helix and even then it isn’t a huge bubble even with the extra AoE at lvl 4. Rath can easily power through and kill you in 2 seconds. Also, Benedict can fly out of reach of 50% of the characters and Kleese has crazy shield strength and shield regen. Making Marquis only allowed to follow one specific playstyle to actually function in PvP isn’t the solution.

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Clockfield is already great at level 1 because you will likely get +30% MS for PvP anyway. You will always outrun your opponent while preventing them from dealing damage unless they’re someone like Rath who relies on ulting for damage than attacking. That and a deep Rath is a dead Rath if you look the minimap.

Kleese has crazy shield but he has one of the biggest hitboxes in the game with crap mobility cause that float can’t be used to escape. If you break his rift, he often dies right away. He has a lot of weakness attached to him.

Benedict can be out of reach but he’s also one of the squishiest char in the game with 895 base health. Guess what, Marquis is also out of reach most of the time because he’s often playing on high ground that only a few char can reach by going in real deep. Why does he suddenly deserve 1k health then?

You shouldn’t be forced to use a bunch of character to justify why a certain char is fine. We’re just fortune Marquis is crap in other mode like Capture and on Incursion Echelon.

Marquis is super easy to kill if you get even semi close to him. Especially if you have a slow effect to counter his temporal shift. He doesn’t need a nerf, he has less health than dedicated melee. If Marquis is “caught out” by melee, he will die, unless the melee is quite bad. Shayne can absolutely destroy Marquis.

Getting close to him is the hard part… If they have a basic understanding of implied positioning for a character wielding a sniper, then they will always be far back picking at you from miles away. He would be much less trouble without the shield and a little lower health. I’m not saying that he is unbelievably broken right off the bat, but his damage output : intake seems rather sketchy.

This is why there are stealth characters. If your team has a marquis they just focus on each other. Otherwise Shayne or Deane can easily sneak up on him, slow/stun him and destroy him. He’s usually alone and far away from his teammates.

A Marqui focusing on another Marqui is wasting his time. You should always have enough access to cover as Marqui that another Marqui cannot possibly kill you.

Do you want to kill Marqui? Use pulls. Admittedly Galt is rare At the moment but this will change soon.

Pull + any cc = dead Marqui if you have any team coordination. Characters like Orundi and Oscar Mike can also work together to spike down Marqui before he knows what’s happening. (Don’t give yourself away by shooting. Place ult, fire grenade, then shoot)

That said: fix the line of sight glitch. This is blatantly broken.