Marquis helix question and discussion

hi there all. I picked marquis up now and then before up never really liked him because he felt too “straightforward”(shame on me but I couldn’t help it at first) but I decided to mess with him today. I only have on question about his helix, is marquis level 8 helix choice “hoot of the vigilant” useful at all? I admittedly have never tried it but i’m wondering if anyone else has found a time it’s useful.

thanks in advance for anyone being able to answer this

It’s decent if you exclusively buff it. But it’ll never be Windfall. Basically ignore it. Too much wave clear potential and damage

okay, I’ve been going with windfall as it is but thanks for the answer!

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Yeah I was just trying to warn you as when I first started the game that sounded the most useful. Then I saw an Oscar Mike and realized how useful aoes were lol

true, now for the next thing I need to test. about how far away the reveal actually affects and if it works. i’m thinking of how to pendles proof overgrowth for example

Oh believe me, there’s a lot of posts here about it. It goes through walls and for loooooong distances. You can ruin a Pendles match with just one owl

I did that to one who wanted to chase me all the way back to spawn, between that match and a match where the enemy team wanted to talk smack have gotten me to taunt more as marquis than as every other character combined


Sorry, I can only like once

I never really used windfall, since I use owls to protect my area, always hoot of the vigilant for territorial marquis

what precisely makes it better though? does it make it work against a single target better than windfall?

I would say better burst, and the area of windfall is small, and it’s damage especially if 2 owls hit is very good, however, if you use hoodini for waveclear, then windfall all the way

I typically use it for a mix, but thank you for the answer!

Mix of wave clear and damage? I actually don’t know if hoodini sentry shot explodes too

I think i’ll keep with windfall except in certain cases because I typically play a very mobile marquis

That is pretty good to
I play mobile to but really more like going to different spots mobile