Marquis Help Thread, MeltedCow Edition

Hello, I’m MeltedCow, and I have decided that Marquis is my go-to main now. Because not having a main was boring, and besides, Marquis is the best character for me when I want to actually play well.

So if you want to ask me any questions about Marquis, just go ahead and let loose here.

I expect this to not receive any replies, more just point and laugh. But whatevs. I’m doing it anways.

edit: In case anyone’s wondering, I decided to do this after several highly competitive matches last night with a couple of the guys around here.


Explain to me how it is possibly to like marquis?

No offense, but IMO, He is so annoying like all other LLC, except KU.

Funny thing is that for me, it’s arguably vice versa. At least personality-wise.

Possibly excluding El Dragòn as well.

He can be a bit much.


Well, you have to first gain satisfaction from popping skulls and jokes about the wealth disparity. Also clutch shots and wallhacks with your ultimate. Do you like any of those things?

also, it’s, like, an opinion


How do you resist the urge to smash a table when your shots don’t register for the 1000th time.


This hurts so much because games have been lost for reasons like this.

It’s particularly bad with Deande, ISIC, and Phoebe. ISIC in his ult mode? Like a 50/50 shot your… shot… will actually register. And Deande and Phoebe just have weird hitboxes in general.


Marquis + Echelon = The most fun you can possibly have with a sniper

Also very cheesy. Toby, Thorn, Foxtrot, Mike, they’re all dangerous on that map.

Personally I think Coldsnap is awesome for Marquis, and Monuments is too.

Don’t think I’ve ever played him on Coldsnap but I could definitely see those long lanes being very advantageous for him.

Toby, dangerous on Echelon? If there’s no Marquis maybe, but if there is then he’s relegated to the shadows for fear of being sniped mercilessly all day long. Then again, anytime I see Toby when I’m Marquis my mouth starts watering, lol.

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I find this^ to be the case if the Marquis is good and ignores everything else to focus me. Otherwise, i run Echelon as Toby.

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Of any of the Tobies out there, I would imagine you (from what I’ve read on the forums) could be the one to prove me wrong about Marquis v Toby, and I pray that day never comes because I rather enjoy my overwhelming confidence

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No, you’re thinking of @vagrantsun, haha. I’m good enough to only rarely die to some of the better Marquis mains (unless i’m drunk, and get overconfident). In reality, i can name three people i play with that play Toby better than i, most likely. The only things that i arguably do better than them is playing Toby close/mid-range, and landing stun-mines (which Vagrant is also good at). I’m simply the most vocal of the Toby mains, and have role-played him to the point that he lives in my head in a form of pseudo-MPD.

Thank you for the compliment though! :blush:


Tell me about it, yeesh…


Than you won’t want to fight me either, haha; it’s literally the one thing that makes me a significant threat, and i CONSTANTLY notice a power shift when i hit 4. I strongly believe that few helixes make a bigger difference in the hands of a main.

Well, if I’m playing Marquis, that shouldn’t be as much of a problem for me.

I’ve dodged like two or three of Vagrant’s now, so either that’s luck or I actually successfully dodged it somehow. I like to think it’s 85% the former, 15% the latter.

I also agree with your edit there.

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It depends on where you are. For example, if you are standing in front of the “garage/bunker” as you fire down lane, and i manage to sneak up on you, i’ll get you; i do it all the time. If you are up on the perch, you are probably safe.

Also, as to the power shift i mentioned, Marquis is dependant on his team to move forward safely, the same as Toby. If i stun your teammates and my team kills them, resulting in us pushing, Marquis is effectively out of play until his team respawns. Great EAGLE, i love Toby…

Thank you for bringing up this thread.
If I were to give advice/help, I will have to say what my great Marquis Sensei (Oh My Kod) told me.
"Believe in yourself that you won’t miss against these guys"
That is when I decided to pick Marquis as my main.
It’s not much of an advice, more like a mindset. But I do find this very important to bring your accuracy to a higher level.

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Hisses at @Bisco0823 and hides behind corner.

My mortal queue enemy… We meet again…

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Wake up Toby I’m not your enemy (Hobo Slap)


@MeltedCow What’s your PS Tag? I don’t think I remember running into you. As for stun mines, at anything beyond about two Toby body lengths I have to considerably lead my target - either you’re standing still, moving in a straight line, or jumping if I hit you at that range. Learning to jink effectively helps a lot.

@Bisco0823 Don’t think I’ve seen you on the forums before. Good Marquis, man.