I know you know who you are. After they announced they are working on a patch and just temporarily changed some numbers for some battleborns recently.


On PS4 every match I have entered 1 in 3 matches there is a Marquis exploiting/cheating his way to victory on the other team.

I submit a ticket and they tell me to just post it here and no action is being taken like temporary suspension for multiple offenses.

Just ranting, Thank you.

its reasons like this why im about to give up on battleborn comepletely. im rank 89 atm on pc and tbh ■■■■ like this is ruining it. and certain people just relying on 1 legendary in pvp and being able to go 28/4 with it. the 4 deaths werre before he has the legendary. its stupid

correction im rank 90

Dear Marquis,

Please keep wasting your time shooting the sentry.

Yours truly,



hahah 10/10

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Marquis can go ahead and sentry snipe cause I can deal with that using some communication because it’s much more easier to play with an occupied Marquis not killing people in the field.

Meanwhile, Aim bot marquis.

■■■■ those.

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So, you don’t mind that the Marquis is winning the match by himself. Once he eliminates the first sentry, you have lost half the battle. All the other team has to do now is defend.and they win. Or push hard with the Marquis leading the way.

They devs said they have a patch coming next week I believe that will fix this issue. They have to wait for sony and microsoft to okay the patch before they are allowed to implement it which is what is taking most of the time.

I haven’t had much issues because if Marquis isn’t shooting me or my team, my 2-man (and sometime, 3-man) will easily stomp the middle lane and charge the sentry or the Marquis out. 4 v 5 early game is a huge disadvantage. If the minions are pushed thanks to having one more man on my side, Marquis has to stop the sniping. If the shield is given time to start the regen back to full, you just add nearly a minute (cause it takes long to break the shield at low level no item) to give the team time to scale and rekt even harder considering that a sentry snipe marquis often will have lower level than average.

115 games played. 93 won. 29 games played on Husbirdo. 26 won. If the Marquis is just gonna bug abuse, I’m gonna stomp the enemy team. If I’m playing Husbirdo, it doesn’t matter if Sentry 1 is down. I’m used to carrying hard and this is the best game when it comes to solo carry potential.

If the trick is abused alot, learn to counter it if it’s not impossible to deal with. This sentry snipe is extremely easy to counter even if they’re doing it from the supply station unlike say, current Galilea. IMO, the Sentry snipe should become a legit trick but gated until about 10 minutes before it can be used through player-damage-reduction shield that loses its number overtime or something. It will add a whole new ticktocktimebomb strat to turtle-type team.

Bonus tip: Other than the 100-0 in one CC Type char, Husbirdo is also one of the best chars to deal with aimbotters and even kill them while being behind cover if you know the 4-rocket 100-0 trick which does way too much damage and might as well be nerfed if it wasn’t so gated behind the skill floor wall to use it.

Now heres the thing, the Marquis has a crew of one or more members or pugging it with other teams, and knows your game plan and just kills your minions and keeps you at bay, anyone can keep you at bay and from feeding to level up. Plus marquis has that passive ability so you can’t really stop him. You may kill him a few, but he still has eyes on the goal from all the matches i’ve played. I think i pinged in one single match vs a Marquis about 200 times and no one did jack squat. Other I’ve pinged a Marquis at least a minimum at 50xs and if he was head glitching i mssed, but always pointed to the ledge where people can see his bindle bane.

If there are any Devs. here MOVE HIS CAMERA TO HIS CHEST so if he does try again on any other Map and future Maps his head will be visible!!!

I wanted to test out the Marquis glitch, and wow does it work. The Ghalt we were playing with thought it was too cheesy and left. But the four of us held against their five to end the game 50-46. While it amused me, I will not repeat.

Heres the thing Marquis Damage abilities are okay. Don’t nerf him is my game plan. Just MOVE HIS DAMN CAMERA TO HIS GUT so if he tries again for the ledge, his head is visible to the enemy!!!

Does the shielding apply to the sentry too, when you drop those portables?

A message from a Marquis:“My team sucked awfully, and I tried surrendering, they didn’t want it, So I went for the only possible Win condition. Don’t hate the Player, hate the games bad Map design”

Message Back: “Dirty COP OUT!!! AWFUL EXCUSE!!!”

Which legendary is that?

If he’s head glitching, it’s even easier to rush him down because he’s not behind the Sentry. Don’t even bother to snipe back. Push and kill him right on the stair. A few chars can even jump on his face from the front like Phoebe, Mellka and Benedict after coming from the Thrall shard side to avoid getting seen.

And considering I have been stomping a bunch of people in Singapore repeating the same push-and-rekt thing even against team that abuse this sentry snipe to win in a party of 4 or 5, it’s working alright. Not going to say I’m a demi-god in this game but I’m not going to say everyone I fight with suck either because some of the randoms in my team say the other side are good too when they warn me to be “cautious”.

Just be hyper aggressive but not to the point you charge into the sentry area or go for a solo 1 v 3 and you can easily deal with this until they patch in the terrain change this Wed/Th.

So your saying the only way to play overgrowth is with only a handful of battleborn choices, to deal with the marquis possibility?

Considering I have been randoming pick all day and doing well with only 4 losses out of 40 games with over three quarters of them abusing Marquis and this trick, unless you’re truly picking char that needs a team to function, you can rekt the Marquis team.

Even Toby (which is likely your main) will work although it’s much harder because you can’t rush to kill marquis and you will be forced to play Arc-mine burst style instead.

By force i always go with plan b mine exploding and I equipped rocket jump upwards to be ready to spook him, only if my team can push, which is rare since I am pugging it to do killing on the rails lore I am 4/10

I’m also relying on health, skill coodown, and damage reduction to survive possible marquis who are also running geared