I always just stack damage if my char deals ton of damage.

Toby included.

My loadout is

Glove Legnedary from sentinel : 15.8% damage boost at max health. Huge snipe damage
Health vest : 250 hp and 5.3% damage. Huge damage and health pool
Shield item : 120 shield and 4% skill damage. Comes with negative reload for cheaper cost.

TBH, every char in the game should be running a few bruisers items. Those kind of items are always broken for a reason and this game is no different.

Although it can be stopped it relies on your team being able to push up far enough. I tend to rush in with thorn and use the push back on her melee to get onto the ledge to scare him away. The problem is the fact he actually shoots through the wall to hit the sentry so he is completely safe from counter sniping.

How easy it is to stop depends on your team makeup and communication. I queue mostly solo on Xbox and there is virtually no communication. My W/L ratio would be high too if I were constantly in 2 or 3 man groups. Lots of times I find myself in games with people who have no clue what they are doing and will just let the Marquis do whatever he pleases.

Also, they plan on patching the stairs which will fix his head glitching, but he’ll still be able to easily snipe the Sentry from another spot in their base.

I’m sure they have seen the media of all possible places to snipe the sentry that shouldnt be spots. I am also hoping they are fixing his camera location so he does not head glitch

I dont know about that all they said was they were switching the side the stairs are on. Now depending on what side they mean it could either solve the issue / do nothing / or create another.

Completely agree 100% he is not over powered i love him. a simple fix for the wall glitching is all he needs. he doesnt 1 shot people he isnt tanky. if they just fixed it so he cant hide and snipe he will be fairly a balanced player with his up’s and down’s like any other

exactly that he is a sniper he will snipe the sentry no matter what he will find a way. its just a matter of having a skilled smart team that doesnt let him do what ever he wants. its not like you cant drop his shield in 1 hit or anything and make him go running for cover :stuck_out_tongue: