Marquis in overgrowth

just played a game on overgrowth and we had a marquis in the enemy team. he attacked our sentry from his sniper position till our first sentry died, and i even cant attack him from my snipernest i only saw his gun but i couldnt do dmg to him.

so here is my question: is it usual that he can attack the sentry from this position or is this just buggy and will be fixed ?


This was a problem in the Open Beta too. A lot of people brought it up but since it wasn’t fixed for full release I guess gearbox wanted it this way…

Absurd design decision, Especially because of this: [quote=“dumboxi777, post:1, topic:1388043”]
i only saw his gun but i couldnt do dmg to him.

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I posted a video of this in another post. I was told by other players that the developers were aware and that it would be addressed.

So I’m guessing they didn’t address it yet…

My video was from the beta.

Just came here to say the same thing.
First match I played this morning since buying the game had an enemy Marquis.
Destroyed our first Sentry from complete safety without the need for bot creeps.

just a tip[ an oscar mike or thorne are able to make him back off, with grenade or or thorne’s e

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Its still a problem, he can just peak by a few pixels and hit it

It’s a problem indeed. But thankfully I play Phoebe. In the Open Beta I just kept harassing him by phasing on his platform and hitting him repeatedly. I guess Benedict can do the same?

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I do the same with Kelvin, I sublimate to the top of the stairs and persistently harass him.

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thank you guys for the answers, maybe i can deal with it with other battleborns.
i will trying :smiley:

It’s not that absurd. It makes the sniper class an essential role on that map. You need it to counter the cheesy snipers that just shoot at the sentry. I’d say that’s a cool bit of metagame. Also: a sniper that’s shooting the sentry is not shooting any players. So basically it’s a 5v4 scenario at that point. You should be able to kill their team if their sniper is focussing the sentry.

Also, characters like Melka, Benedict, Thorn and ISIC can just hop on there using an ability or in Thorn’s case a jummp to get on the ledge and kill the sniper.

Orendi is a good hero to annoy Marquis with. I kept hitting him with the chaos tower attack til he wouldn’t come near the battle area. Her main attack will also keep him from getting comfortable in any one spot.

Except their sniper is playing the objective, even when they aren’t in team fights. But I’m really not going to start talking about this, nothing I have to say hasn’t been said already in other threads regarding the subject.

Ye, he’s playing the objective… So stop him! By means explained in the previous comment. It’s like saying the hallway on the side is unfair because it’s not the main lane.