Marquis is literally ruining the game

Marquis’s extreme damage combined with his extreme range means he can remain at full effectiveness while being so far out of harms way that he may as well be invincible. He can chunk enemies down very fast with even some mediocre attack speed or reload speed items without fearing any retaliation, unless facing another marquis. Range has no negative effect on him, because his rifle is hit scan (or extremely close to it) yet also suffers little to no damage falloff at high range. The only way that most of the roster can deal with/kill marquis is to hope they get overconfident and move out of position. Even diving their team doesn’t work, since he has a large AOE slow/haste, and a very fast, spammable knockback. No other character can remain so removed from the fight, yet still doing full damage.

I realize not every character should be countered by every other character, as this is a team game. Marquis has no counter besides another, better marquis. No one else can get in range of him without getting killed by him or his team.

Worse, people have realized this. There has literally been 1 single game in the past 15 that didn’t have a marquis. No surprise, that 1 game was the most fun game I had in recent memory. Obviously it’s made Incursion basically unplayable, but other game modes suffer as well. Only capture has remained mostly free of Marquis. My desire to play the game has spiked sharply downwards in the past few days to the point where “hey, want to play some battleborn” is met with a sigh and “I guess I’ll do one or two matches, maybe it’ll be better” instead of the “Hell yeah” it was a week ago. The maps have gone from planning ambushes and chokepoints to “where can I not get shot by marquis?” Loading into a map just makes me wonder if their team will have a marquis, a Galilea/miko combo, or both.

He either needs a damage decrease, a projectile speed decrease, or a range decrease. In his current state he sucks the fun out of a game. I’d consider dodging matches when I’m against a marquis (since there’s still no penalty for that) but I’d end up never playing a game again.


This is essentially the whole point of sniping. But he’s not invincible.

Deande with her decoy and burst dash can sneak around him and knock him forward away from his safety. Ghalt and Shayne can pull him, particularly Shayne who can cloak and sneak. Oscar Mike too has a cloak, and napalm, and an air strike. Caldarius, Orendi and Mellka are so fast and bouncy that they can rush Marquis without getting hit and force him back or kill him. Phoebe can teleport and get the drop on him. There are at least eight ways to counter Marquis.


Or you employ the Crucible method.

Step one pick Bolder
Step two spy marqius in his perch.
Step three sneak behind him while team melee beast gets in position.
Step four, boulder dash.

Now watch as the squishy bugger flies straight into the waiting room of whoever your team’s blender happens to be. Not only does it work but it’s funny as Heck when they realize "um, why am I in mid air? What’s oh. Crap. "


I only agree on incursion. Otherwise marquis is fine

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I’ve never been a huge fan of PvP in games because of stuff like this. I understand that Marquis is a sniper and it’s a legitimate tactic, but making it so any team that wants to win needs a Marquis and a Miko takes away from the diversity and fun in my opinion. Personally, I think they just need to fix the damn Overgrowth map already…


The only issue with marquis is the overgrowth exploit everything else about him is fine. He is easy as hell to kill too and most ppl ain’t too accurate with him.


Completely agree… anytime I play with friends I just run around happily on Overgrowth talking without a care when suddenly PING theres the marquis shot and suddenly im doing nothing but sitting behind corners blighting passing mobs to level and bitching to my friends about how sick I am of this BS class.

It needs heavy damage reduction and a scope sway with a stability option… at least one of the two otherwise games with Marquis is no fun… until I get 1800 shards and lvl 5 cause then its gg marquis Evil Smile

Point is, even if all the forum warriors believe him to be balanced, he isnt fun to play against…

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I’m sure there are alot of characters ppl don’t like playing against it dies mean they are op. Marquis especially isn’t. If you keep moving about it makes it pretty hard for him to land successive hits on you.

If you keep moving, particularly jumping and strafing, you’ll rarely get hit more than twice and if you do then the player who hit you is just a good shot, it’s nothing to do with Marquis as a character. If you know there’s a Marquis there, then don’t run out into his line of sight. Go through the tunnel, flank him, run underneath him and drop Blight to force him off the ledge. There’s a lot more you can do then just hide behind a corner, if you’re consistently dying or having to hide then change your playstyle, use specialised tactics for dealing with Marquis, is he gets nerfed then it wont be long before the same people who complained about Marquis start complaining about Toby and before long there wont be a viable sniper in the game… He’s a sniper, he snipes, use counter-sniper tactics to get around that and you’ll find that he may as well be AFK or D/C because you’re fighting against a team of 4.

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Thank you!!! The diverse characters is what makes it interesting! Because people have taken the time to learn to play him well dosnt mean he is too op. (overgrowth map is only exception)

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I agree that he might need a damage nerf, since it can get a little ridiculous, but he’s fairly easy to deal with if you know what you’re doing. Exploiting terrain, utilizing side-ways to ambush him and negating his effectiveness by forcing team fights in areas he can’t support are general approches. As mentioned earlier in this thread there are multiple characters that more or less directly counters him. Shayne in particular shuts him down incredibly well.

Surprisingly, Kleese using his arm laser set to sniping (helix upgrade QUANTUM PRECISION) combined with the shield regeneration stations can engage in long-range standoffs with Marquis and come out on top.

There’s A BUNCH of ways to counter Marquis. My team does something silly to counter him (there are MUCH MUCH better ways to counter him than this)… I usually play as Miko and on Incursion me and a Galilea or a Rath (sometimes even both) will sneak through the tunnel at an opportune time, charge up the stairs to Marquis and slaughter him within moments… then run out of their base to safety (relatively). This is actually a pretty dang stupid way to counter Marquis to be honest but because Miko keeps us all alive long enough to kill Marquis and run it works fine.

Do you know how many times I’ve seen a semi-decent Thorn player keep an awesome Marquis player at bay? Quite a bit. Most ranged Heroes can. Hell, even as Miko I just toss my Kunai at Marquis from across the map and it’s not enough to kill him outright but it always makes him move behind cover and stop sniping for a moment.

Pretty much any melee character who knows how to play and has a slow or stun available at the time can kill a Marquis once in range nearly every time…

Marquis is fine… doesn’t need any crazy nerfs or anything at all really. Just fix the problem with him being able to snipe Sentry from across the map and we’re all good to go imo.

He’s far from Op, Sorry to those who think he is but really he’s not that crazy. He’s only dangerous if your just being oblivious and silly. If your aware the other team has a Marquis just be logical, don;t rush anywhere alone, never stand still if you can help it and just keep a clear eye to line of sight lanes.

In shooters I play the sniper roles to precision so Marquis players make me smile. I know already where the sniper perches are, I know how far they can see and I know where to go to get behind them. everytime the other teams Marquis gets uppity the “Crucible Signal” fires into the sky and I solve it. Never takes me long and it;s always a learning experience for the other player who should then realize “ok, can’t be arrogant anymore” Just be aware of your maps surroundings and keep yourself in a situation where you can dash to cover. The recoil on his sniper is crazy and he has the option to spend a helix to dull that or buffer his zoom. Most players I know just take the zoom and his fire rate is kept in check because of that massive recoil so it’s a non issue.

Alternatively just play either a tank, -my Boulder can literally soak 6 shots and giggle like a small pilsbury doughboy- or use hp max gear and shield regen gear. simple counters.

Leave him alone, he;s fine, and squishy as freaking hell get your hands on him and he’s done.


I disagree. Outside of the Incursion glitch, Marquis players have never been an issue for me. I main Ambra and Phoebe primarily and you simply have to rush him and base him. Easier said than done, but I’ve yet to really come across any phenomenal Marquis players that can adequately deal with getting rushed.

i feel that ranged and AOE characters in general need to be reworked. there needs to be high risk/high reward scenarios in place. if marquis can sit in the back of the map with zero risk, then he needs to be incredibly slow, rather than incredibly fast. the same could be said about thorn. they both have great slow fields for wave clear and can do a ton of dmg from afar. they are currently able to overextend as well, because they are able to retreat so much faster than other characters. there needs to be more penalty for ranged characters overextending. slow them down substantially.

any time that ranged characters are too strong in a game it promotes a lack of map movement and camping. then melee is essentially taken out of the game. i only really encounter maybe one or two games a night against my team where the other premade team is smart enough to figure out that this game overwhelmingly favors range and AOE, but it does happen once or twice a night. why would anyone use a melee character when you can kill someone more quickly from a safe distance? why would anyone pick a melee character when the ranged characters are actually faster?

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Nah it isn’t Marquis that’s ruining this game
It’s something else; a group of certain individuals that starts with an A; ends with hole
I tend to counter him with melee


Did you know you can shoot Toby’s projectiles out of the air? Hes also huge as ■■■■. Plus I play pc… CoD sniping is easy with a mouse, so the side strafe tactic works better against thorns. Also my problem is he is boring to play against. You are forced to hide all the time cause 2 just two hits is more than 50% of your hp when he makes his passive activate with 2 shots.

No, he’s really not.

there ya go. sneak behind him and boom insta kill hes not that hard to kill i love troll killing them

Toby also has a large health pool, can put up an external wall, can jet away and deals a great deal more damage than Marquis at close range. He’s much harder to fight against.

So don’t run into his line of sight and get shot. As I said there are various methods to counter Marquis and there are several characters who can specifically counter him efficiently. If you hide them you’re allowing Marquis to control the tide of battle, flank him and even if you don’t get the kill you can take him out of the fight long enough for your team to advance and force him further back.