Marquis needs a buff on console.again

Ok. Why?
You must know the mice and keybord.
aim with it is easier than with a controller.
even if they buff the sniper on console.they will have a problem with the xim4 pleople.
(The same happens with widowmaker in overwatch )it not depends of the ability.we all have eyes.
its impossvle to aim a orendi from afar and if it is a conpetitive mode ,we will not see any marquis.
Lukily marquis has the owl the pistol and the cupule that disimulete that.
i am sad because gearbox are not going to change that because the

Yeah you very well may be right

I think he’s fine. I use a controller on ps4 and PC. Yeah it’s not AS good as a mouse, but the vast majority of other console players have your same disadvantage. His damage or health isn’t the problem. :slight_smile: especially when you stack skill damage and aoes on his skills. with their insane cd, he has good viability just barely outside of lane, and the minions are still enough to still scope in and kill that shephard fast, helping your minions get the upper hand early on.

He doesn’t have to camp at the back of lanes and snipe bb. :confused:

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I think a crit multiplier increase on him on console would be nice. Like an extra 10%. It’s definitely harder to land them on console, so making it worth the effort would be nice

I think he’s fine honestly

I’d agree if more people played him

GASP that means you agree to the benedict buffs

The difference is I haven’t seen a Marquis do well. Benny could always do well

WHAT, benedict (old benedict) was almost always played badly, I’ve was lucky when I hit a good one though

Huh. I’ve never played against a bad benny

That’s because he took a vast amount of skill.

I know, I’m just surprised epicenter saw many good ones

Good, or at least DECENT, Benedict players are kind of the norm on PS4; why do you think @EdenSophia hates him and hawkeye so much? She’s a highly skilled player that would chew up and spit out a bad Benedict with Mellka.

Haha, actually bad Benedicts (bad players generally) are the norm on PS4. I, however, share a time slot with several infamously skilled Japanese players, many of whom have sold their souls and now seem to play Benedict near-exclusively…

…although I was recently informed that when I’m not around, they pick other characters, haha

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Oh, well then i stand corrected; they’re “decent” at my level of skill, though that could be the alcohol…

Thank GOD i don’t have to deal with these Japanese teams all you S-Tier heros deal with (yes, that was a One-Punch Man reference), because getting wrecked by a premade was bad enough; the “Forum Friends” chat fixed that much for me, because i can now get a team when i need it. I don’t need it to be a hate crime too…

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