Marquis needs a dmg buff

Ever since his 2nd nerf, Marquis’s dmg is really bad. It’s hard to pick people off if he can barley take down Montana or Toby, which are two characters that he counters.
Other than that, he needs a dmg buff. Either revert his 2nd nerf or give him a slight dmg buff, because right now, he sucks.

He’s in a weird spot. Also of his skills are really good, which puts his damage at an uncomfortably low spot. He needs a reallocation imo

No, he needs a dmg buff.

Oh hell no. Marquis needs absolutely nothing but a fix to the reveal going through walls.


No. His dmg is lackluster. He needs a dmg buff.

His skills are not that amazing (bindleblast IS extraordinary though) dude, he does need a damage buff to bindlebane, he does not need a "reallocation

Oh and fix the reveal

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Play a game against Copy Cat and your opinion of him will change entirely.

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Probably won’t.

Thank you

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Playing against Copy’s Marquis didn’t just change my opinion on Marquis, it made me question my religion and rethink my world view.


Still needs a buff though.

I’m not saying he is impossible to do good with, but really he is squishy, easily harassed, AND lacks rewarding damage for sniping, what is so great about copy’s marquis

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Not the best example (since I only have access to my most recent matches), but every game ends up like this with him. He is always one of the top killers, always has top minion kills, and always has top damage. I’ve seen him out wave clear a good ernest, hold lanes where he’s outnumbered with ease, and just outright demolish some really good players. He’s the entire reason Marquis has such a high ban rate in 10 mans, a major contributing factor to why so few large characters are ever picked.

And that’s just his Marquis, don’t even get me started on his Alani.

He does have one weakness though, ice has been accused of aimbotting more than he has.


Still. Marquis needs a dmg buff.

Show me a good Marquis on ps4.

PC doesn’t matter to me.

Basing balance changes just off of one platform alone isn’t fair to the rest of us (ideally, each platform should be balanced differently, but that’s not the situation we are in currently). If a character is still proven to be incredibly strong on PC, but maybe a bit weak on ps4, it wouldn’t necessarily be fair to buff him if it’ll completely screw with the balance on PC (we already had to deal with op marquis at launch, I’d rather not revisit those days).


But he sucks. He really needs a buff.

You’re not providing any actual argument here. Just saying “he’s bad, buff him” 6 times in a row isn’t going to convince anyone.


He barley does enough dmg to drop players.

It’s worth clarifying that these stats were from 10-man private matches with some of the best players in the game. If it were public matches against randoms it wouldn’t even be competitive.