Marquis needs a dmg buff

DANG it, I meant if he dies not take it and or it gets fixed to only outlined

But he doesn’t have any issues with damage, unless he misses.

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But he does have issues with dmg. It’s lackluster at lv 1.

All characters are lackluster at level 1.


almost all characters have low damage on lvl 1. that’s why building is so important in PVP…

Pre 12 and 2 I agree

Before Marquis’s started using it I was their worst nightmare as pendles (I don’t use it now so other pendles don’t worry about it)

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Im not the best marquis :confused: but im sure marquis is not “weak”


Alright… I’m a PS4 player, and I’ll post you some ss’s later of Marquis just owning in damage out. He is in no way a weakling. Back when the first chaos rumble came out we had a 5-person team of full Marquis, and just decimated the other teams.

He’s agile, his dps (as long as you can aim) is top notch, and he’s hard to hit. Even early on he can drop tanks like they were nothing. I can still solo the sentries with him if I’m careful. The reason they dropped his damage is because he was TOO OP, not he’s at a tolerable lvl for anyone with decent aiming skills. His damage doesn’t come from bodyshots either.

He’s a crit machine. Get crits and watch your damage just flow. If you’re having trouble putting out damage, then sniping is not your game. Try someone else.

It’s like the ads said. There’s a badass for everyone, and no offence but apparently Marquis is not your badass.

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Someone that actually show me some ps4 gameplay instead on PC.

I would listen to you if you didn’t use Chaos Rumble in this debate. Sorry, but please use something else other than a gimmicky, hero stacking mode.

May I ask where did you get that attack speed legendary from?

You’re going to ignore everything I said, because I used an example for one tiny part of my debate? That seems highly rude, and I’m not sure I appreciate that. This is a debate, I’m bringing points to the table, and yet you feel the need to not show anything to prove your side of this. I have the feeling this is a troll at this point, but like I said, I’ll post screenshots later, from matches that are not Chaos Rumble, since that was only a small part of what I had said.


For the last time I’m NOT a troll.

I just don’t like when you use Chaos Rumble in this debate. The mode is gimmicky (and not fun).

While you aren’t one, for what reason would so many people think you perhaps are one? I’m simply wondering. I like all of the perspective

But I’m not.

Well okay, but what about the situation makes me people think you are? Again, not saying you are one, just asking

I’m not doing anything wrong.

I’m not saying you are

Lol this is funny, so whats the conclusion? Marquis is avarage, up or op?

I think is op well played.