Marquis needs a dmg buff

You didn’t answer my question.

You didn’t answear many questions. :confused:


This is not meant as an attack on you at all

Honestly I’d like to agree with you as I am on the fence on marquis damage. But the way you present your arguments(and lack there of) is putting me off from agreeing with you.

@Christopher789 the people arguing against your position are actually providing evidence to support their case. Your repeated restating of “he needs a damage buff” is not going to convince anyone of anything except that you are trolling them. Testing is simple enough and if you lack material to make a comparison simply ask the community to assist you. I know many of us will take a few minutes to help others with data gathering, people have done it for me often enough.

So please, as someone who isn’t convinced one way or another PLEASE. Gather the evidence for your position and make the comparisons based on that. Because until you are able to provide examples that marquis as a character needs a damage buff then people will assume the issue is on you as a player.

For example, I’d compare to Toby and thorn for sniper dps. Find out the rate of fire and compare damage for each of them.(full charge/draw and a full clip of marquis all at level 1 should be a decent control group)

Once you have that you can start drawing comparisons and convince people of your position.

Again, that wasn’t meant as an attack, just advice for presenting your case to skeptics


Ugh a lot of data! Speed, cd, passive, movility, character model, recoil, reload, charge, crit área, hp/shield ugh a lot of data

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We’ll focus on damage for now, deal with one variable at a time or you get overwhelmed with data

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I belive if is about dmg toby>thorn>marquis

Yeah, but Marquis is instant and easier to get crits with is why I’m on the it’s mostly fine side


Toby’s área of impact is bigger making crits easier for me.

Marquis dmg increases with attack speed Sincé toby and thorn are not affected by it (unless Ernest)

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It is but whatever

so following your own logic you’re going to agree marquis doesn’t need a damage buff because everyone is saying that to you right?

@dantesolar me and @viraforti both tested, toby railgun does not scale with attack speed at all(used 3 ernests with us so there’d have been a difference)

and also

here is the information on DPS and attack speed. perhaps you’ll find something there for a reasoned discussion

@Tokesy97 thank you very much for confirming that marquis’ DPS at least is correct scoped(no reason to doubt but it does help remove any doubts about the accuracy of the battleborn bible even though it was says it was updated November 10th )

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Rly Ernest egg is bugged again? Sometimes it happens, it should increas toby and thorn attack speed and reyna alt fire but sometimes it dosent and actually slow reyna alt fire!

but toby charging speed doesn’t change based on attack speed I thought…that’s what the testing supported at least

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Im sure it did… I tested it when Ernest was new and needed a toby D: maybe im crazy… Or was only my perception.

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i’d recommend doing a private match with 4 ernests with one toby. if attack speed boosts it then it will most assuredly show.

If memory serves, Toby’s railgun charge time isn’t affected by it. A few other characters with chargeable attacks (like Thorn) aren’t affected either.

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Marquis can easily take down Toby (in fact I think he’s one of the biggest counters to Toby) or any character with a big crit spot, such as Ernest, ISIC, Miko et cetera. The only things that need fixing on Marquis are his reveal owls that go through walls and have a huge AoE and some shots that are randomly missing even though you clearly hit the target.

Yeah that’s true, what I don’t know is, as an aoe, if it hits the crit and the body will it automatically be a crit? And good point, Marquis can take damage/speed/crit while others can’t.

Yeah, attack speed doesn’t affect charge time. That includes ISIC

I’ve had those problems too. When I shoot it’ll sometimes won’t register and I’m not even lagging.