Marquis needs a dmg buff

Fine, he’s average.

Now, answer my question.

lol i couldn’t stop laughing after the first fifty or so posts that went along the lines of a constructive argument followed by “no, needs a buff”. Not trying to hate, but it was just too amusing.

Anyway I’ve seen a few good marquis players on PS4. I don’t remember them off the top of my head, but I’ve seen what they can do. If you play like them (however that is, I don’t know) then he doesn’t need a buff.


“Average” is honestly the ideal place for a character. Not too strong or too weak.

  • The base Owl doesn’t do all that much damage for 7 levels and it can be destroyed easily causing it to deal no damage.
  • The 720 AoE used to be much less comparatively to other AoEs in this game, and essentially got buffed from the sheer fact other characters in the game were made much worse. It is also only available at level 8 and has the smallest radius of any AoE skill in the game considering 'Fire Walk with Me" creates 5.
  • The reveal is really only strong because of it’s ability to unrightfully screw over one character. Yeah it’s sorta bad for 3 other characters, but at that point it’s better to pick one of the other 2 options on that tier. Arguing that a skill is strong because it counters 1 out of the 29 characters does not make it strong, as it does nothing to the other 25 characters.
  • And because of their shortish deployment range, slow travel time, and AI targeting system; it is quite easy to have them damage an unintentional target. Or disappear into the void because the target they selected died before they detonated.

And I think you put too much weight into a 6 second AoE slow that has a slowish deploy time. Not saying it’s a bad skill, but to say you think his damage is fine because of it, is going a bit too far IMO.

I’ll keep my biased opinions on Bindleblast to myself, but just remember that it has a 80 second cooldown. Which is about 35% longer than similar, potentially more powerful Ults.

The other snipers in this game have much stronger AoE skills, and they have them that way from level 1.

  • Thorn has no impact damage, but she has better CC/utility and much higher damage a second.
  • Toby has much much better CC, has better damage per second, deploy range, and helix options. As well as the same “impact damage”. Toby deals 176 damage a second for 8 seconds at level 10 without helix choices.

Marquis can stack his, but they can be killed or set off early. Even in bot matches I almost never set up all 5 in one “optimal” spot.

His skills aren’t bad, but they aren’t good enough to warrant his primary having lower damage. He has always been the sniper built around his primary for me, while Thorn is built around skills, and Toby is the two sided coin that causes you to either get bullied all game or rip the opposing team 3 new ■■■■■■■■ each.

This makes no sense, you act as if gear is exclusive to him.

I’ll reserve from sharing my opinions as I said I wouldn’t for a while, and I don’t feel I’d gain any traction in this thread (not that most of my opinions do anyway).


How do you feel about his hoot of the vigilant,I use it all the time since I play a territorial marquis

You seem to have misunderstood. I never said his damage is fine because of the things you’ve responded to, I was using those to show how nerfing his not that bad skills he could more safely have his gun buffed. I was saying that he could make a trade, and be even more gun focused, as much as he is now

Dude he is way more gun focused than ability focused, he IS the premier sniper

Please reread

My bad then

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Dear Reader,

If you’ve started this thread at the bottom let me summarize for you because reading each post like I did is an exercise in repetition. (Note to OP this is my observation based on reading this entire thread).

The OP sucks at Marquis and wants his low skill efforts to be compensated by having GBX increase Marquis’ damage.

If, dear reader, my bluntness makes you feel I am misrepresenting the OP you are encouraged to read this thread in its entirety and come to the same conclusion or maybe a less generous one.






This topic leads to nowhere but personal comments, it will get closed now.

To the OP: Next time you open a topic/discussion here read the Forum Rules, and avoid repetative disruptive posts.


Let us, from this point onward, concentrate on talking about the game and not other users.