Marquis nerf Ideas

We all know marquis is the real OP character in the game. Characters like galilea and ambra get complaints alot, but on what premise? Marquis does far more damage at a much further range than either of these characters. Marquis can attack the sentry from across the map. Sure galilea could maybe kill you if she lands a shield, but marquis can just click on you til you die.

I suggest we lower his damage and add falloff to his rifle. We could also make it so he can’t damage the sentry. Making the bullet on his n00b cannon a projectile instead of hitscan could also go a long way in making him less of a point and click adventure.

By this logic we must also nerf Toby, as he can do more damage faster. Marquis is fine, if anything they need to rework the sniping lane to the sentry.

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Umm, I sucked as him. That thing is definitely not a noob cannon. Having to get 2-3 shots on someone to do that insane damage you’re talking about is hard, and he’s squishy. Just make the sentry shield only damaged by minions, and everything else will be okay. He’s a sniper, what do you expect? Just move around and beat on him like the little wimp he is once you can get your hands on him!


Toby’s weapon isn’t a point and click adventure. He also has to charge up to get anywhere near marquis’ damage.

@salsacookies1 He currently isn’t that squishy. He has more HP than benedict and el dragon, yet can fight at huge distances. What other hitscan weapon in the game doesn’t have damage falloff like marquis’ cane rifle?

The charge is fast and it does way more damage. Also it hits a larger area.

My point is though that both of them are fine. The sentry issue is something that is not a character problem, its environment.

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Easiest way to Nerf Marquis:
Remove him from game.

Really, though, I think he’s in a fine spot. He’s a bit of a pain, but mostly ok. Sure, he hits my tiny Montana head a lot, but meh.

Toby’s gun deals 1 more point of damage. By the time it’s charged marquis could have shot twice. Marquis’ gun is the only hitscan weapon without damage falloff.

Take into account reload time. You only have 8 shots before you must, Toby just keep shooting. Marquis also requires more precision.

Again though, I’m not arguing over who’s better (they have completely different strengths/weaknesses for both being snipers), just saying that your presented argument applied to Toby as well. And in the end, neither need a nerf.

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That lane does not exist on all maps

The big difference between Marquis and Toby, and what makes Marquis OP and Toby balanced is Marquis uses a hitscan weapon, Toby’s is a projectile, meaning he has to lead his shots, making him more difficult to play.

You mean hits immidiatly right? When firing through shields toby does the same thing…the trail of light doesn’t look like it, but it does.

Yah, but where it does might be neccesary for a rework if it is causing an issue (I didn’t feel it was but I’ve heard the complaint frequently).

Also as a staunch joker fan I must hate you for being batman…sorry :wink:

Yup. thats what I mean. I don’t think toby’s railgun becomes hitscan though, just a faster projectile speed. Also the requirement to be standing behind the shield isn’t something marquis needs to worry about.

I think part of what he was getting at is Toby has more defensive tech while Maquis is very easy to kill and that is part of the balance.

Only one map has that long shot out of the 5 pvp maps I have played.

I agree Marquis is far too OP, he’s way worse than both galilea and ambra were combined. Instead of a sniper his gun should be an SMG or something, a sniper is just too OP and unnecessary in a game like this.

Marquis just deals damage more reliably than any other ranged character because of his hitscan. Maybe some of the other hitscan characters should get falloff removed that way they could contest marquis at range better.

@no.ad90 you have a good point. Maybe there just doesn’t need to be a sniper rifle in the game at all.

I feel this way about most games as I get older.

The fastest Marquis nerf:

Have a Caldarius, S&A, or Mellka on your team.

Do these characters have some mechanic that stops marquis from shooting at them? Last time I checked they could all be headshot.

also, knowing there’s a marquis dealing damage THERE, you can go and hunt him. could be even fun.