Marquis on Incursion

Its crazy that he is aloud to snipe from the other side of the map on Incursion.
It makes playing that level redundant if Marquis is only on one of the teams.

I think a range cap should be placed on that Incursion, because it doesn’t really take any skill
or put the player in any sort of danger in those situations.

Usually this comes down to level design, making sure the terrain blocks line of sight in a balanced way. Changing the hero ought to be a secondary concern imho.

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I am not saying they should change the hero.

Just prevent damage to the turret from a specific distance, make it immune or something.

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Marquis doesn’t fit into the game that well. High powered balastic style weapon with zoom, high damage. Every other character has to work hard and well for the team. Thorn has slow arrows with a drop off unless fully powered, but it’s still hard to hit people at distance. I think Marquis should have less velocity and way more recoil when zoomed in, and smaller mag size. Right now in the right players hands he’s VERY OP.

When you have skill speed, skill damage and reload upgrades it’s pretty insane dps for a player who can sit in one spot untouchable with a good team in front.

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We don’t need a range cap, we just need Incursion to be balanced better. It’s silly that the objective is to try to escort flimsy minions into the enemy spawn while they have a Sentry there that does such insane damage, and it’s even more silly that after you kill the first Sentry your respawn time is so long and the enemyies’ time is so short. It means that a lot of games stall at the second minion, because the enemy can just camp and attack you from the safety of the lot that their Sentry is in, and if they die it’s no big deal, but if YOU die you have to wait almost a minute and then cross the entire map.

Yes true, I agree. But that’s why Marquis is so badly designed for this game. He’s a sniper. He does too much damage from one spot. I agree on the respawn, infuriating when you have a good push forward only to lose it. If one person goes AFK or quits, then you have that massive wait, the other team can easily turn the game round.

He could do with a big of damage drop off, but I think that it’s mostly poor game design. I mean, it’s tremendously fun to play, but I hate that such large portions of the map are protected by rocket turrets and things like that. Even on Meltdown, Marquis can just sit back near their thumper turrets and snipe all day. It takes a fairly good push to make it back there and stop him AND their thumper turrets, and even at that you’re likely to be slowed damaged badly enough that you die on your way out. All in all I’d love to see less camping ground protected by auto turrets and less being penalized for having a higher score.

I think you’re both right. In Overgrowth it is a serious problem because of how untouchable he can be on that platform, there needs to be a staircase on both sides of that platform to discourage camping IMO.

However, Marquis himself does feel like an outlier since there is really nobody else in the game that focuses on such long range combat. It is good to have unique characters, but Marquis just doesn’t fit with the flow of the game the way he is now if you ask me. The biggest problem I think, is that with how much dmg he does per shot from so far away, his rate of fire is WAY too high.

he needs that rate of fire considering how much you people jump around.

Yea I didn’t really think about it but he can out damage Benedict easily and he has more range and less travel time.

Sniper Rifle > Rocket Launcher

except that with benedict sending tens of rockets downstream, its very hard to aim at anything. marquis has no defense so you have to keep dodging, which means no big damage. its balanced.